March 9, 2019

How to Create More Ease, Joy & Money in your Business Right NOW.

If you are anything like me, what you desire most in your life and business is freedom. Freedom to do what you love, create what you love, go where you love, and spend time with people that you love.

Freedom to choose what you love.

I also know how impossible that seems at times, because I know how hard you’ve been working, and how long you’ve been trying. I know how discouraged you sometimes get, and how you think you’re never gonna get there…

but you ARE.

The thing to remember about expansion is, every time you expand, so do your possibilities and perceived limitations. So although you may feel as if you’re failing sometimes, it’s only because many of the things you once wanted have come true, and now… you want new things.

So when you’re making your way to the new things, and you’re feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, disappointed or confused… just remember this is a normal part of the process. Anyone who has ever dared to chase a dream is right there with you. 

The journey from ask to receive is like a book, and each dream you have is a volume in the great series that is your life.

Each volume has a beginning, middle, and end. Each volume contains a hero’s journey all its own. Each volume contains losses, eventual wins, and a shit ton of love and learning along the way.

So if you’re feeling like you’re back at Chapter One, fret not my love. You are not back there, you are right here, in a whole new volume that is leading you towards treasures far greater than before.

And there will be many, MANY more volumes to come, chock-full of treasures you haven’t even dreamed up yet.

But in the meantime, if you’re craving more ease, joy and money in your business, the solution to this problem begins with just one simple question:

What is your time worth to you?

Before you roll your eyes and just skip over this, I want you to really ask yourself this question again. Really sit with it. Because chances are the question you’ve been asking yourself all this time is a very different question, and that is probably: 

what is my time worth to other people?

And that is not the question to be asking, love. Because when you ask that question, you set up YOUR LIFE around other peoples wants and needs, instead of around your OWN.

You arrange EVERYTHING in your world to make it fit what you think you can get, instead of arranging everything in your world towards what you WANT, and committing to that vision.

It doesn’t matter if you sell services, products, or art. It doesn’t matter what you sell or how you sell it, but you need to know what your time is worth to you — both financially, emotionally, spiritually and all the rest of it — so that you can decide what you are willing to do yourself, and what you are not (what you need to delegate or eliminate), so you can free yourself up to focus on that vision, and what exactly you’re going to need in order to do that.

When I ask you what your time is worth to you, what I’m really asking you to do is DECIDE.

I’m asking you to stop waiting for the world to tell you that you and your wants and gifts-to-the-world are worth it and DECIDE that they are. 

Decide YOU ARE. 

Decide how those wants of yours are intrinsically a part of the gifts you bring to the world and that they are absolutely inseparable from eachother.

DECIDE that your wanting is enough. Women have trouble even owning and asking for what they NEED, much less what they WANT. We have been conditioned to disown these things and put others before ourselves, and so to dare to want something feels a bit like breaking the law. You half expect to have hand cuffs thrown on you.

But aren’t you tired of having to make everything you want into a ‘need’ in order to justify it and/or feel okay about it? What if our wanting was enough?? How fucking good would that feel?

Let’s decide.

Giving ourselves what we want, deciding what our time is worth to us (in all the ways), will only EXPAND our ability to help others get what THEY want. This is not an either/or situation! This is not some “ask-not, want-not or forsake all others” bull-ogna. You don’t score points for your suffering.

Release that biblical damage and DECIDE.

The fuller your cup is, the more you have to give. DECIDE to let your cup be full. No matter how they judge you. Besides, you can totally relate to their judgements since you’ve been judging yourself and other women the same damn way, all this time.


Decide what you want,

and take it.

Go on with your bad-self and be heard.



If we haven’t yet met, hi I’m Sunni Chapman, and I help women get what they want, and love (and leverage) who they really are, so they can create a life they love on their own terms. If you want more pep-talks like this to your inbox, get on my list by signing up below 👇


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