April 14, 2024

Honor Your Right To Experiment With Your Life

The image features a background filled with lemon slices, closely packed and covering the entire frame. Overlaid on this zesty background is a message in an elegant, capitalized font that reads: "HONOR YOUR RIGHT TO EXPERIMENT WITH YOUR LIFE." Below this statement, in a smaller font size, the message continues with "MAKE MORE, DOING LESS, BEING YOU." In the top left corner of the image, in even smaller text, is the URL "SUNNICHAPMAN.COM". The overall color scheme is vibrant with shades of yellow and white, invoking a fresh and uplifting atmosphere.

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This week’s Sunday post is a share from a post I made a few days on ago on Instagram, but I want to add a bit more to it here…
People have this idea that you should always be in the ‘done’ phase of life, or know exactly who you are, where you’re going, what you like, what you want to do, who you want to be, HOW you want to be, what hobbies you love, what career moves you want to make, what your beliefs are, what they aren’t, etc. When the truth is we’re in a constant state of flux and that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be.
You don’t just get to experiment and find out who you are for a tiny window in your freaking teens okay?? You can KEEP rebelling from things that don’t suit you, KEEP bending the rules to fit you, KEEP trying new things, KEEP experimenting with who you are NOW, what you like NOW, what you don’t like NOW, what you want to do or not do or try NOW, you can be a set creature for the rest of your days if you want to, but that is not some requirement.
“I never do ____ anymore, I should do more of that!”  who said??, “I do too much of this, I shouldn’t do that.” who said?? Why did you believe it? What’s wrong with who you are being now? 
You can change it anytime you FEEL like it, but forcing yourself to change it because you’re “bad/wrong” for not being “where you should be” is a recipe for always being not enough. Not there yet. Not done. Not fully baked.
But you’re the fully baked version of you this instant, the height of your souls potential is here now and it looks like THIS, and it’s still in process, and it always will be.
Experimenting with your life is a forever process, you can let go of the image in your mind where you’re supposed to know who you want to be by 18, become them, and then live the rest of your life being them… those days are not only over, they were never really here to begin with. But that image might still live in your mind. We are always changing. That’s what we do. Because that’s what life does. And we’re that! ❤️
You can experiment with your life, your work, your business, your hair, your clothes, your style, your beliefs and your mind just the same whether you’re 20 or 90, all it requires is your desire and your power to claim how you like it NOW. How Do you like it NOW? Maybe not how you liked it yesterday, or last year, but NOW… and how about now? and now??
Whose rules are you living under about style, or about best business methods, or about “best practices” or strategies, or what you should eat, or drink and how and when … Why do you give your power away like that??  Your power to experiment, to be your own authority, to taste, to try things, to see what feels good to you!
The spice of life is DISCOVERY, and FRESH-BRAND-NEWNESS, so is it any wonder when we shut that down we lose that spark. And when I say “new” that doesn’t mean “new” in terms of age or modern or new to this world, but maybe new to YOU, it could be an antique, but if it’s new to you, it’s a whole new experience. It’s a whole new thing to YOU.
So this week I’d love for you to have a look at some of your choices and simply ask yourself if they are even YOURS?? 
Or if they were someone else’s choices that you just picked up as best for you? Or if they were a past version of you’s choice, maybe NOW you wants to make another one?? Let’s see what this now you wants to do! 😍 🥰 💃🏽 
You have so much power sweet pea’s. Play with it. Let yourself play with it. Don’t be afraid to get it ‘wrong’, there’s no such thing, there’s just information you’re gathering, discovery that you’re discovering and logging for the journey ahead, it’s all good fuel for more fun. 💞
And as always if you need some help with that, all of my work is about self-discovery on some level, so have yourself a peek and pick what you like below! 👇 ✨
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