February 21, 2021

Imagine That


If you’ve been around my space for awhile you’ll know I’m a major fan of symbols and metaphors. I see them EVERYWHERE and I use them like a super secret Little Orphan Annie Decoder Pen for life (if you haven’t seen A Christmas Story, forgive the reference).



Basically, I know that life is always speaking to me, and once I learned to decipher that language, it was like absolute MAGIC.



In addition to using symbolism to receive hidden messages all around me all the time, I also use symbolism to program new messages and beliefs into my mind and being. This is particularly useful when I am rewriting an old fearful belief that is not serving me anymore (and is based in scarcity) into a new and helpful belief based on abundance.



I’ve been playing with a new one of those recently, and I thought you might like it too:



Have you ever thought about the absolutely miraculous mechanism of your body and the literal TRILLIONS of tiny tasks it does on your behalf every single second of every day?



Trillions of cells are contained in just your one human body alone, and trillions of tasks, both big and small are done for you, all day, every single day, by every single one of those cells without you having to DO A THING for that to happen. It’s just all taken care of for you on auto-pilot. 🤯🤯🤯 Can you believe that?!!



These brilliant trillions of cells receive oxygen and nutrients effortlessly from their surroundings, and they convert those nutrients into energy to carry out specialized functions…



Just. Like. You. Do.



You, my love, ALSO receive oxygen effortlessly from your surroundings, and you also carry out specialized functions. Everything in this universe receives things effortlessly from its environment and uses it to carry out unique functions—from the billions and trillions of plants and animals, down to the countless atoms and quarks that make up everything, and right back up to the zillions of stars, galaxies, suns, moons, and planets in the KNOWN universe alone!



All of us, EVERYTHING, part of this huge, mutually beneficial, symbiotic soup of utter brilliance working together in an infinite spiral of creation with no visible beginning or end! Each carrying within us a specific seed of brilliance that gets played out over the course of our tiny and yet utterly enduring lives—every one of us, making a massive difference that ripples out into eternity, even though we cannot see, or possibly comprehend, the magnitude of that difference and effect.



Are you getting the picture? Good, now stay with me here…



Now imagine that you felt the same amount of effortlessness with MONEY that you do with your cells performing literally trillions of tasks for you every single moment of every day. Imagine that you received money with the same effortlessness that your cells receive oxygen and nutrients and convert them into energy for you – without them, or you,having to WORRY in order for it to happen.



Imagine that money flows to you just like oxygen flows to cells—automatically—without worry or stress, so you can convert that money into energy to carry out specialized tasks.



What specialized tasks you ask? The ones you came here to be and do! The person you came here to be! The life you came here to live. The things that light you up! That make you feel alive, and make you feel in the flow of life. The things that you are doing when you’re “in the zone” and time just flies by.



And not just those things, but the tiny simple things too, the regular everyday miracles of life… like making dinner, or washing a cup, or giving your loved one a hug. All of it.



Imagine yourself like that cell, receiving everything it needs without having to “do” anything for it. The cells are just being themselves, their work, whatever it is, is innately carried out, they don’t have to worry where the oxygen and nutrients come from, they just come, and the cells just do what they were born to do. It’s simple.



It can be that simple for us.
It can be that worry, stress, and fear-free.



Now I know what you’re thinking, and I see your eyes wanting to roll but stay with me… just because we have NOT operated like that for thousands of years does not mean it is not possible, and already true for some people already.



Just because we have seen ourselves and money, as SEPARATE somehow from the unfathomably incomprehensible intelligence of the universe, instead of AS the unfathomably incomprehensible intelligence of the universe, does not mean it is not so!



For god sakes we are spinning on a blue marble in infinite space, which, if it was even a single degree offset in either direction would NOT be blue or full of life at all!! But here it is… perfectly positioned to spring forth utter abundance of life forms the likes of which we cannot possibly comprehend… even though we live here and see it every day!



All of this goes on without us having to do anything for it.



Can you freaking believe that?! The miracle of that! We walk on the earth instead of floating out into space because of the grace and generosity of gravity… and we don’t have to anything for it. Just like those cells don’t have to “do” anything to receive what’s naturally coming to them. It comes to them, and they convert it. It happens all on its own.



Imagine that money was simply part of this flow to you as a human, to carry out your specialized functions, just like oxygen to those cells. Imagine your RELATIONSHIP to money was like oxygen to cells—just there for you, ready to be turned into energy for special functions… a beautiful tiny part of a vast cosmic machine.



Imagine that no person or system was the source of money, or the controller of it, but that life itself is the source, delivering this need to us life forms as  effortlessly as sunlight is delivered to plants— who effortlessly then turn that sunlight into oxygen that’s given right back to our cells, and to the cells of every living thing on the planet in an infinite circle of life.



And this is not to even mention the countless sea of molecules, atoms, photons, and neutrons that make UP those very cells, or the quarks that make up literally EVERYTHING, which shows through even a scientific lens, that EVERYTHING is “alive”, even empty space, and that everything is, essentially, the same thing.



To me science is just another symbol though, like the universe winking at itself in the cosmic mirror and saying “It’s all you, honey…  It’s all you.”



But you don’t need to make a case for or against this thing I’m asking you to imagine… if you try to do that, you will get lost in logistics and entirely miss the point.



The point is to FEEL into how that would be… FEEL into it with all your might… because when you dare to imagine a different reality and relationship with something, and you feel into the benefits of that, your whole world changes. And you don’t need to wait for the world to change its mind about money before you can begin to experience it differently in your own life.



This is not new. Humans have been re-inventing their relationship with their resources since the dawn of time. For god sakes we used to pay eachother in chickens and beans! And the universe has been reinventing ITSELF since the dawn of time too, obviously. So to say that this is not possible when it comes to money, is absolute foolishness and a total lack of vision and forward thinking.



So I invite you to dream a new world with me, starting with the simple first step of re-imagining YOUR OWN relationship with money, and shifting your mindset about the flow of it.



What matters most is the FEELING you create through these imaginings, because what happens is when you relax for a moment, and you stop pouring all of your precious energy and resources into fear and guarding against loss, you suddenly start flowing in the work you were truly designed to do!



Because all of that energy goes where it was meant to go, into life CREATION and sustainment—instead of into death-defense—which has been our primary directive as humans for far too long.



As a species we are THRIVING in more ways than we ever have before, but our brains have not caught up with that yet. They are still living in fight, flight or freeze response the majority of the time, they are still operating in survival mode.



The good news is, all we have to do is re-train and re-pattern them out of their old and outdated operating systems and upgrade them into the new and the possible.



And just like those trillions of cells, you don’t have to figure out what your job or specialized function is exactly, and it doesn’t even necessarily have to be a different one than you do already! It could be as simple as a process of refinement that happens as a trail of breadcrumbs, starting with the first step of allowing yourself to imagine that level of flow when it comes to money.



The knowing of what to do will come to you the same way it comes to those cells, one little instinctual intuitive signal at a time as your own deep and innate intelligence shining through. Which is the same as the infinite intelligence of the universe, expressing itself AS you.



So play with this. Try this on. See how it feels. Trust yourself. Let me know how it goes. I hope it helps you as much as it does me to see the stunning beauty and grandeur of life and how EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING is part of this mysterious and masterful machine.



Yes, even including money. And yes, even including YOU. Especially you! Because you’re the whole deal.



You’re the whole frickin’ deal, pretending not to be the whole frickin’ deal, just for a laugh and an adventure into love.



What a wonder.



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