December 1, 2019

Leveling Up

Are you ready to level up in your business? If you aren’t sure, here’s one way to tell that may surprise you:


you can usually tell you’re ready for your next level when things stop working as well as they once were. 


Yep! you heard that right. It’s totally counter-intuitive, most people think leveling up happens when things are going fantastic, and while that CAN be true, most of the time we get comfy cozy in those kinds of patterns and we don’t make the required changes necessary to grow and evolve to the next level of ourselves or our business, and why would we when things are going great?


It is when things just stop flowing in the way they used to or start to feel like a drag on some level, or something seems to start going wrong, it is usually a glaring indication you are ready to level up and are just resisting it deep down.


 Life will help you out like that, it knows what you want (because deep down YOU know what you want) and it will help you move towards that by making the thing that is kind of stifling you a little less cozy (or a lot for those of us who are extra stubborn), like a loving parent who nudges their child into the water even though they’re scared, because they know they’re going to love swimming once they stop being afraid.


And face it… you LOVE swimming. 😉


Things will start to change and re-arrange towards what you’re really wanting – in a way you maybe haven’t admitted to yourself yet, because change is hard and we will avoid it like the plague – and depending on how hard you are resisting that, it is going to start feeling like a real block in your flow.


But if you stop white-knuckle gripping what WAS, and open your heart and hand to what IS, while gathering all of the trust and faith in yourself and life that you can muster… magic will ensue, and you will find your way.


This doesn’t mean things HAVE to go south or get tricky before you level up, but it is one way that that shows up, and if you want to avoid that, then continual planned check-in’s about your direction and your goals and how things are feeling in your business are a REALLY good idea.


Even if you are a business of 1, you can set a date on your calendar once a month to have a ‘meeting’ with yourself about how things are going, how they’re feeling and whether or not they’re feeling aligned with your vision, and if not, what can be adjusted… incrementally… in a less “crash, bang, boom” kind of way. 🙂


But if you’re currently IN a ‘crash, bang, boom’ kind of moment, don’t worry. You’re still right on track. 😉


What you can feel so GOOD about in all this though, is to see just how POWERFUL a creator and manifestor of your vision you are!


What I mean by that is you are so powerful at it, that before you even consciously KNOW or admit to yourself you want something different, you are already manifesting it! And it is just rubbing up against your current reality so you can wake the heck up and embrace it already.


So if things are feeling a little off in some way, or just not flowing, try taking a look at what that is making more space for right now? And then once you see that, ask yourself if there is any mindset block or belief that is telling you you can’t have that thing AND success, growth, money, etc.


For example: if you are seeing less clients, less sales and less busyness, you will probably see that that is making space for a lot more time freedom (which is probably really important to you right now). And tied to that may be a belief that you cannot have time freedom and success, growth and money at the same time. That you will have to give up one for the other, and so you have subconscious blocks up against making more money or having more success because your time freedom is more important to you.


The truth is there are infinite ways to have both, but you will not see them, or allow them, until you work on that belief and the ones tied to it (like the hard work = good/better person belief, like the ‘I am only worthy for my time/labor not my ideas’ belief, etc. etc. etc.)


And if you need help with that, and with leveling up in a way that feels true-to-you and easier, my Feast or Famine No More Course can help you get there, come on in and check it out »  


But whatever you do, don’t go it alone. Find support in some way that feels good to you, so you can navigate the twists and turns of business ownership without feeling like you’re the only one who experiences these things! You are so not.


You are one of the brave few that values freedom and prosperity so much that you are willing to face constant risk and uncertainty to keep that freedom and self-ownership… but contrary to popular belief there ARE ways to create and build stability in that freedom (I know because I did after many, MANY years on the feast or famine rollercoaster!), and you can too.





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