December 8, 2019

Lights, Camera, Actions

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time you’ll already know that my forte’ is not so much informational as it is inspirational. And I’ve been hearing a lot of feedback in the industry that you should be informational, and not inspirational.


And I respectfully, completely disagree. 


This is the kind of polarized black and white thinking that leads people to think there is ONE way to do things and that ONE aspect of things is important, and not BOTH.


Yes, there are lots and lots of actions you will take in your business and that you will need to take in order to grow. But in my opinion people usually will not follow through with those actions until they have done the inner work and mindset work that will allow them to actually TAKE those actions (instead of hiding out in fear).


But that doesn’t mean I’m saying one is more important than the other. What I am saying is that BOTH are EQUALLY important.


We live in a world that wants you to take sides at all times. Are you in the science camp or the magical universe camp?? Are you in the get-shit-done camp or in the ease-and-flow-explore-your-inner world camp?? Pick a side dammit!!  


To that, I say: why the hell not BOTH?!


This either/or mindset is a product of scarcity thinking. There is not enough, and I am not enough, so I must fight for my “side” of things and get everyone else in the world to agree with me to validate my point that THIS is more important.




What is important, is what is important to YOU right NOW. And that is going to shift from practical things to magical things to outer worldly things to inner-worldly things, and it can do all that in the span of 30 seconds, 30 times a day. 😀 


So why fight it?? Being inspirational IS important, absolutely valuable, and profitable. Being informational is also important, absolutely valuable and profitable.


Which leads me to the point of this whole article, which is the center point where your passion and purpose meet to form your business model:


Have you ever thought to yourself, “there’s got to be an easier way to make money and make a good living.” 


Yes? Well, I’m here to tell you, there IS.


The easiest way you could possibly make money and make a good living is by… (drumroll please)… being YOURSELF. What could be easier than that? Not being yourself is f-ing HARD WORK. But using your own totally innate natural gifts, doing what comes easiest to you, and carving out a unique path for that… that is the easiest way for YOU.


Right about now you are probably saying, ”WHAT?! No, Sunni, that can’t be right?! That’s not allowed! That will not work! I should do informational! I should do inspirational! I am not good enough, smart enough, talented enough, valuable enough, capable enough, practical enough, adventurous enough, savvy enough, cool enough, pretty enough, charismatic enough, etc. etc. etc….”


And to that I say… BULLSHIT.


There are going to be plenty of people who will agree with your inner-critic on that one. There are going to be plenty of people who are going to tell you to be REASONABLE. To play by the limitations and rules set out before you. And they will be right… if you want a ‘reasonable’ and ‘rule following’ life.


And there is nothing WRONG in the WORLD with practical rule-following lives! IF you want one.


But if you’re reading this I am guessing that you are among us that have decided we want to live on our own damn terms.


There are going to be plenty of people who urge you to be practical, and to be reasonable, and to do A. B. and C. to get D.


And you may, as I have, bucked that straight-jacket life, not because it’s wrong or less valuable, but simply because: IT IS NOT WHO YOU ARE.


So you can say to those people:


I’m not practical. I’m prolific. 


I’m not reasonable. I’m resplendent.


And you can say this while knowing full-well that you are ALSO practical and reasonable too—just not when it comes to compromising your dreams for your life. 


Because when it comes to your dreams you SHOULD be impractical and unreasonable because otherwise, it’s not a stretch or a NEW creation. It’s someone else’s roadmap you are following. And everyone will happily agree with you once they see the roadmap.


But when you are creating a NEW ROADMAP, no one is going to agree with you! And you’re going to feel like a crazy person because they don’t see your map and YOU DO. They don’t understand it, and they can’t… because it’s not THEIR MAP.


So whether your calling is informational or inspirational, and whether you are in the internal creation phase or the external one right now… it is safe for you to step out on that stage.


That stage in lights designed just for you!


A quiet introvert stage, a loud bossy stage, a geeky practicalities stage, a dreamy inspirational stage, whatever stage feels like HOME to you.


Because when you do THAT, you won’t be creating a job that you can earn a lot of money from so you can stop doing that job ASAP. You’ll be creating a LIFE that you love so much you literally never want to retire from, with all the money (and ability to retire) that you want, because it feels like JOY to create it, and not like work.


You CAN create that life. And yes, actions and practicalities are required, but so is an unreasonable and impractical amount of inspiration.


And if you ask me, the more inspiration we bring into our actions, the better! So I’ll keep playing in my field #thankyouverymuch. 


But instead of taking sides I’ll cheer for other people playing in THEIR fields too, because not only are they equally valuable, they all fit together like puzzle pieces in the end.


We don’t need to pick a side, or to diminish other sides to make ourselves right or better or justified to do things the way we’re called to do. That is the old way…


let’s write something new.






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