August 27, 2023

Money Motives

beautiful peaches in the basket and text: Money Motives

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What is your purpose and motivation around money?
When I considered this question recently I saw immediately and very clearly that my real purpose and motivation for money has always been simply: THE FREEDOM TO BE TRUE TO MYSELF. 💖✨
That’s it.
That’s all I’ve ever wanted from money.
The freedom to make decisions about my life that are true to myself.
When I discovered that, I began being true to myself first (meaning not waiting for the money to allow me to be true to myself), in any way that was available to me at that time, more and more, regardless of the money.
And the funny thing is, the money came right along.
Even though I was afraid it wouldn’t.
And it increased with every bit I was more true to me.
Not at first. Because I believed being more true to myself would cost me, and so it did. But over time that belief faded and when I no longer believed that, it didn’t. As I learned to believe that being true to myself would not cost me but PAY ME, that’s exactly what it did. That belief shift took time, and I stayed with myself in the duration.
Over time this has only steadied and increased more and more. BUT… I have decided that I will be safe, and true to myself, no matter what happens with money. My peace comes first, and I will do everything and anything in my power to give that to myself no matter what happens.
I have come to trust that because I have seen first hand the effect that giving myself that peace has had on others around me. It allows them to receive, and give themselves more peace too. And that means the world to me. ❤️ 
Doing this has made a deeply fearful part of me feel safe enough to trust myself and my MOVES in life because she has learned they lead to good things.
I changed my life.
I changed my whole life. 🥹 😭 💗
I’ve been trying to change other peoples lives and the world’s life without FULLY recognizing or appreciating that I changed MY LIFE, completely! I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for me. 😉 😂
Literally and figuratively. I would not be here without my own guidance and belief in the audacious things I dared to believe. I am so grateful to me for that!
If I could go back to that terrified one who was taking those first steps tentatively in her own direction, I would kiss her on her sweet forehead and say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You changed my whole life!!!”
Maybe you need to do that for yourself too? Acknowledge the ‘crazy’ one who changed your whole life, or the ‘crazy’ one who dares to put her own peace first, and dares NOT to have to “choose” between prosperity and peace, but who dares to know they can have both. And have it all. Having it all doesn’t mean perfection or a challenge free existence, it just means you get to create and experience anything and everything you want to in this life… because it’s YOURS! Your life.
So what is your motivation for money? What do you want money to do for you?  And how can you start doing that for yourself regardless of the money situation, today?
Do you want it for more peace within? More ease? Less stress? More safety? Will it make you feel better about yourself? Like you’re doing a good job? Whatever it is, choose it. That’s your need. And you can give yourself that need right NOW. By choosing that you are going to FEEL that, have that, BE THAT, BEFORE the money is there to validate it for you. Even if it really seems like you need the money to validate it for you first.
Money is important, and vital, and it will come! You just need to show it where to go. By defining where you want it! Before you have any evidence of it, you just keep being the one you want to be. And soon enough you’ll be kissing your own forehead and your future self will be telling your now self “Thank you, thank you, thank you! You changed my life!!!” 😉💕
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