October 19, 2020

Not Nuts

The only way you will learn you are not crazy for doing things differently than you were taught or told is by — doing things differently than you were taught and told — and finding out you’re still okay. Still held. Still breathing. Still here.


That is the only possible way you can learn to live differently, with money or with anything else, you have to actually START living differently.

It’s never going to be a “good time” to do that. In fact it’s always going to be at the seemingly absolute WORST time to do that!


And of course it is… because that is the ONLY time you would actually learn to trust it. So that you can embody that, and truly live a different way.


If it’s an easy decision it requires zero faith, zero trust in yourself or in life. So life, in its infinite wisdom, will present it to you when it requires you to really trust yourself unlike you’ve ever had to before, and to learn that you actually CAN trust yourself.


But let me tell you a BIG secret I’ve learned over the years…

It is actually not when you succeed at these leaps that you learn the most, or learn to trust yourself the most. Some of those leaps will succeed and some won’t, but EITHER WAY you have done the impossible…


You have crossed a great divide in your life, you have gone past the line of limitation you once held to, and you see that you’re okay – still here – still breathing – still on your path… just one giant step further forward on it, towards the person you’ve decided to become.


And let me tell you another big secret I’ve learned…

For whatsoever you might judge as a failure or a miss… give it time. Give it time and you will see that same loss become a win. You may think something didn’t pan out or pay off, but way down the line you will look back and go, “OH, that was actually the BEST thing that could have happened!”, because it led you to where you needed to go.


And where did you need to go, you ask?? Ever closer to the life you came here to live, that’s where. And no step in that direction can EVER get you lost. Just closer and closer to that truth.


Trying to believe this will do BUPKIS. But trying to LIVE this…
will do wonders.