March 24, 2024

So You Want More Sales of your Work, Clients & Money 

Promotional graphic for featuring a silhouette of a hand reaching towards the sun with a burst of light between the fingers. The background shows a serene landscape with a reflective body of water and hills. The text overlay states, 'SO YOU WANT MORE sales | clients | money' in capital letters, followed by the tagline 'MAKE MORE, DOING LESS, BEING YOU.' in a smaller font. The overall tone is motivational and suggests simplicity and ease in achieving business success.

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Okay, so you want to attract and create/manifest more business, clients, customers and sales of your work, right?  So that you can receive the money you need to feel taken care of and to take care of what and who you love.
Of course you do!! As you should.
And you’re probably like, “hey, I am ready for more sales and clients and customers and more money! I am totally aligned with that desire and I’m doing all the things I need to be doing to make that happen, so why is it not showing up in my reality??
This happens to me all the time too, and let me just share what often is the case for me, because maybe it’s the case for you too.
As MUCH as I want that, NEED that and LOVE that (!!) deep down I ALSO know that:
More sales/money = more people.
And more people = more potential hassles, conflicts and disappointment.
And more hassles, conflicts and disappointment = more ouch! 😣😅
And more ouch = no bueno! 🫣🙅🏻‍♀️
So as much as part of you is like “hey I’m totally ready over here and I’m doing all the right things!” the other part of you is holding up a massive stop sign up 🛑 (energetically) that says “NO WAY. I do not want this. Because that is what comes with that, and I don’t want that.”
One part of you wants this. The other does not. So they are in a lock down/show down and nobody’s moving anywhere.
But once you realize this, there’s a few different ways you can clear this turbulence in you and set yourself up for a smoother ride ahead and get these two parts of you on the same page:
  1. You can just decide if you want to feel the ouch of not having the sales/money you want or feel the ouch of the potential conflicts, disappointments and hassles if or when they happen, because you’re feeling an ouch either way! And let yourself know that you can handle those things, that you have in the past (show yourself examples! of how you were not only okay but you learned and thrived on the other side of those things) …
  2. AND/OR you are going to find a NEW way to support yourself in those areas now, so that you feel more taken care of around those specific issues, so that that part of you can relax. A lot of this is you just wanting to know you are going to have your own back, and you’re going to get help where you feel out of your realm, and ACTUALLY allow yourself to be supported. If you CANNOT get yourself support for financial reasons or otherwise, (first check in with if that is really true, because we’re always spending on the things we value the most, so check in with whether or not you’re really valuing you, or valuing you the most) and then if you still can’t then think about how you can change your offerings or services to only focus on the parts of the work that are the easiest for you, and that you enjoy the most, and let the parts that feel heavy and hard go. Because then you will let yourself go forward.
  3. The really cool thing about both of the above things on this list is, once you let yourself know you can feel those things and still be okay AND that you will find new ways to take care of those potential things, they will hardly ever happen anymore!! 😂 🤣 Ask me how I know! As soon you are no longer trying to escape that and feel ready to handle it, it will stop poking you so much. I have seen this happen AGAIN AND AGAIN. Things poke me when they’re ready for a change. 😂
  4. Remind your sweet self that you are ALREADY feeling disappointment, and rejection, and hassles and conflicts WITHIN yourself all the time, other people are just going to reflect that from time to time, but when you meet that pain in you and give it LOVE INSTEAD of judgment, your outside reality will reflect something so much sweeter, because you will be being sweeter to YOURSELF.
Your dreams and desires for yourself are SO POWERFUL. They are so powerful that they WILL pull you past all of your resistance eventually, if you don’t stop and meet your resistance, but that can be a long, slow, bumpy process. So when you’re willing to meet that resistance in you, and look it in the hairy scary eye ball, and let yourself know that you’re going to be okay, and then show yourself WAYS you’re going to be okay, then you’ll sail right through that so much more easily. ❤️💕
And if you want some help with that, come hang out with the SunMun’s Money Mindset Monsters, OR if you’re really ready to kick it up a notch then Introvert Star Workshop or My Work Sells Itself Course go hand in hand together and are complimentary and will be fantastic places to start, or explore the image grid below and see what calls to ya 👇 ✨