May 24, 2020

The Truth About Girl Power


It’s all well and good to post inspiring memes about women’s empowerment, and to talk about putting yourself first beside badass pictures of our Queenly beloveds strutting their gorgeous stuff and owning their power unapologetically… and I for one LOVE IT and want some more of it! It makes us wanna stand up and clap am I right?!


But it’s a WHOLE OTHER BALLGAME when that empowerment shows up in REAL LIFE…  suddenly it isn’t so cute.


This is why it’s one thing to sing it, and it’s another thing to walk it, because the walking it looks more like: disappointing your friend or family member because you didn’t meet their expectations of you, and less like: Queen B throwing open palace doors.


But Queen B had to throw open the doors to her own needs & wanting over someone else’s expectations of her A THOUSAND TIMES before she threw open palace doors… because that is what it takes to truly embody your power. 


It requires you to have to start disappointing other people instead of constantly disappointing YOURSELF. Which is much harder to actually do, and not for the faint of heart—but worth the ride.


Because when you stop disappointing yourself, you stop resenting other people for not meeting your needs, and making THEM responsible for your happiness. You get yourself back in that drivers seat of your life, and you invite your own magic and miracles. And that’s when they really start to happen.


Because that’s when you know someone else doesn’t have the power… but that you did, all along. Real sovereignty doesn’t run away from what other people think, say or feel about you. And while you don’t rule anyone else’s landscape, you ALWAYS have a right to rule YOUR OWN. 


It will be challenging at first doing this in real life, but when you are true to yourself, you empower others to be true to themselves too. And that’s where we’re all truly free.


❤️ xo,






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