June 4, 2023

True North

Stone island, sea around, north sign and text: True North

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Today I would love it if you would settle into your chair or bed or wherever you are in this moment and place one hand lightly and gently across your throat area just under your chin kind of like you are holding your face very lightly… and then the other hand over your heart, and take three deep slow breaths, breathing all the way down to your root and out again in nice long slow exhales.
The energy center in the throat is about your voice and truth in the world and the heart field is about your true desires. By breathing into these points today we’re helping to be in touch with your true desires AND to be able to speak them, write them, paint them, draw them, sculpt them or create around those truths in any way you like.
I talk a lot about your true north in my work, but I want to remind you today that your true north is not a THING, or something you DO.
It is not a job or a method of work, or anything like that, though it can EXPRESS as, and through, those things. Your true north is simply what makes you come alive right now. It’s a feeling. It could show up in or as a ‘thing’ but it is not a thing.
Your work is not your true north. Your art is not your true north. Your career and your creations are not your true north, but your true north will express THROUGH those things.
Your true north is just being true to you. Being honest with you about what is giving you life right now.
For me, sometimes it’s a certain mentor, idea, new learning, or art form that I might be playing with. Sometimes it’s a business goal, sometimes it’s a walk on the trail, sometimes it’s a show or a movie or a book, or a painting, or a plant or a flower. My true north is what feels like fresh air to my body and soul, what lights me up, what gets me excited or curious or feeling something new that I want to feel. That’s it.
When you are following THAT, all the other career, business and money bits will align to that. And of course it helps to work on your beliefs about those things, which I hope I am always offering you, because what we believe and perceive RULES, but you should never get this mixed up with “what you’re supposed to be doing” in this world.
As many of you know I recently retired my beloved, Kenny. It has been a dream of mine for many years, and it came true. But that has presented him with a whole new struggle, of figuring out what or where his value is now, and I watched him the other day as he was struggling with ‘maybe I’m supposed to be doing this…” and “maybe I’m supposed to be doing that…” 
and I stopped and walked over to him and put my hands on his face and looked into his eyes and said, “sweetie, your value is not in what you DO, it’s in who you ARE.”  And I visibly saw his body relax in that moment, and I saw his energy return to his heart when he’d been scrambling with trying to figure out what he’s supposed to be doing or who he’s supposed to be being, and I said “Who you are is more than enough. You can do these various things you’re doing because you love it, but you don’t need them to prove who you are.”
I would like to extend that message to you as well today, loves. Your value is already here in full. No matter what you’re doing. Follow things because they make you come alive a little bit more than before. And don’t worry about the rest.
Following that feeling can only lead to more of that feeling! That is my experience anyway.
And as a side note it is because I first gave that kindness I gave Kenny to MYSELF, that I was able to do any of this for him at all. And in turn he does so very much for me, always has. We’re a team. 🙂
Play with what makes you feel alive. Start noticing more what does and doesn’t. It’ll take you places. 💕
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