July 19, 2020

Trusting Your Own Wisdom


Isn’t it odd that you find it easier to trust in the wisdom of strangers than you do in your own innate wisdom? You may not think it odd, but it is. For there is only one persons life here you are living, and it is not theirs.


Their wisdom is about their experience.
And your wisdom is about yours.


If you hold yourself back in fear of making wrong choices, then you resist the very wisdom that would emerge! The wisdom of your own life experience. 


Your deeper being has a path of smooth stones on which you step, overturn, and gain the grace of. But if you go along skipping on someone else’s stones you may well feel out of place where you end up!


You must learn to recognize and trust your own truths, despite how they differ from others. This is not a small thing in the happiness of your life…it is your very freedom.


It will require great courage however, for you were not taught to go about your world in this way. But should you choose it, it will set you free.


And are you not worth your own freedom in this limited time you have here on this earth? Is that not what your heart is calling out for?


Listen for it. Learn to discern it from the noise. You will know it is truth by how you FEEL. 


Falling hurts.
But not learning to fly hurts far more. ❤️



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