August 10, 2019

Eyes On Your Own Road.


In your journey towards your dreams for your life and business, you may sometimes feel totally overwhelmed, confused, and clear as mud.


And usually, all that’s happened in times like these, is that you’ve taken your eyes off your own damn road.


Here’s how it goes down:


  1. You hit some kind of a snag, a block, or lull. 
  2. You wonder what the hell happened and what is going wrong. 
  3. You start looking around at EVERYBODY else’s business and life and comparing and contrasting. 
  4. You notice they’re doing a LOT of different stuff, and having a LOT of different results, and a LOT of it is totally conflicting and contradictory. 
  5. You start to feel really confused, so you seek out more information, which only adds to your rapidly growing sense of overwhelm. 
  6. Now you’re panicked. You’re panicked and you hardly even remember what you were doing before that worked so well, and you’re thinking you should go back to that. 
  7. You try going back to that. 
  8. It doesn’t work. 
  9. You get even more panicked and are now officially freaked-the-F-out because now you HAVE to try and do what some of these other peeps are doing because doing nothing is not an option and what was working is no longer working! 
  10. You crawl into your empty bathroom tub at 11pm and bawl your eyes out. 
  11. You get pissed off. You eat all the things. You watch 10 hours of Handmaid’s Tale and decide the world is definitely out to get you. 
  12. You come back to it all and try again. You try something different this time. It’s all spaghetti now. It’s all been thrown at the wall. What will stick? God only knows and now there’s just a whole lot of undercooked spaghetti on the floor and a giant mess to clean up.


ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTT.  (cue sound of car breaks squealing to a halt)


Here’s the thing about that… all that has happened is you have temporarily forgotten where you want to go — OR — you have temporarily forgotten it’s possible to go there — OR — you never decided where you REALLY want to go in the first place.


And in your panic over that, you are behind the wheel with 50,000 roads and possible combinations of turns in front of you, and you have literally NO IDEA which road would be best because you have NO IDEA where those roads really lead. Or what those drives are gonna be like. Or how long they’re gonna be. Or whether or not someone’s gonna puke from all the windy-ness and make the whole trip a real stink-show.


You don’t know any of this, cause they’re other people’s roads.


You’re looking at other people’s roads thinking they’ll take you to YOUR destination. Thinking they know the way to the place you’re not even 100% sure you want to go. It’s fine to ask for directions, but if your destination is not EXACTLY their SAME destination (and I mean to the T!) then you are asking for directions to a place they’ve never been.


They might have been someplace close, and they can tell you some of the right turns on the way, but they’re totally flying blind when it comes to your destination, and so are you for the moment because you forgot you had one of your own and their’s looked pretty good for a second.


So here’s what you do:


  1. Stop the car.


  1. You will be tempted to keep your foot full-throttle on the gas while you fuck with the map in front of your face, but honey… stop. the. car.


  1. Maybe you will Thelma & Louise this shit later, but today is NOT the day.


  1. Ask yourself where you were going with all this? where is YOUR destination? What does it look like? Feel like? Sound like? Taste like? Smell like? Who’s there? Who’s with you? What’s happening in this dream destination of yours?


  1. Decide what the NEXT right turn will be TOWARDS that destination. Not all of the next right turns, not even the one after that. Just the NEXT right one in front of you.


  1. Foot on the gas, and take that turn.


You are going to want to know all the turns right now. You are going to want to know for sure that those turns will take you precisely where you want to go, you are going to make yourself CRAZY trying to know this.


You will not know it.
You will only know the next one.


Does this turn take me closer to MY destination? Or closer to someone else’s? That’s all you need to know.


When you start tearing your hair out again, stop the car.


Pack a lunch for the road. When you’re not sure, pull over and eat a sandwich and watch the birds. Turn on the radio. See if life drops any hints.


The truth is you have a compass in you. A compass in the shape of your heart… and it knows the way. When you don’t trust it, you go off spinning and get lost for a bit. But never truly.


You are never truly lost, ever.


You always know the way. You learn what ways aren’t yours and you get back on your own road. The more you do it, the more you trust it. And the more you trust it the more easily you begin to notice when you’re off your own damn road and have your eyes all over everyone else’s.


There will be constant course corrections.


This is absolutely normal in navigating towards destinations unknown. It’s a discovery mission, not a truck route. That’s the whole fun, and you know it.


You are doing just fine darlin’.


Eyes up ahead.




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