August 8, 2021

Making Magic

Magic ball on the sand, text: Making Magic

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Magic ball on the sand, text: Making Magic, and link to blog's audio



I believe magic is real. 



And not only is it real, it’s the realest thing there is. Magic is more real than you or me or all the solid and tangible things of this world combined. I know that’s a bold statement, but I believe it to be true.






Because it is what you and me and all the solid and tangible things of this world are MADE OF. That’s why.



If you do not believe in magic, then I challenge you to take a bunch of space and atoms and turn them into a beautiful rose. Or into a baby. Or into the experience of falling in love. Or into a beautiful sunset. Or into a galaxy of stars in the night sky above you. Or into soft soil, great trees and green leaves. Or into rivers and lakes that span the globe and all run back into the sea. Or into the trillion other magic things of this world.



What’s that you say?? You can’t do that? Don’t know how? Can’t replicate it?? Even if you understand it scientifically? Hmmm… looks like the human mind’s not in charge after all. Slippery little sucker that it is. 😉 



But good news! You are not your mind. Your mind is one aspect of you. It’s a filter. A story teller. It fills in the gaps and it keeps records. It can be a great employee, but not a great boss. Because it doesn’t account for the unknown, and it doesn’t like going into it ONE BIT.



But that’s where all the magic is! 
ALL OF THE MAGIC lives in the unknown. 



And that’s where most of YOU lives. The real you. The capital S self. That’s the real “boss”. Trouble is, you don’t get to know its ‘how’s’ and its ‘why’s’, because it operates on a totally different plane than your mind operates…



it operates in magic.



The cool thing about having a mind is it allows you to EXPERIENCE magic, and to be surprised and delighted when it happens! Anything you’ve not experienced before, and don’t have a well formulated database of clever explinations for yet, is MAGIC to the mind. That’s how we experience it!



Magic happens ALL. THE. TIME. 
In ordinary and extraordinary ways.



So how do you make more of it? By noticing it more to start with… and by reaching into the place it actually lives! In the unknown. 



I have made so much magic in my life and it all came about by reaching into the unknown AND/OR by dropping what I thought I already knew about people and the world (which also requires going into the unknown).



Start noticing the everyday magic you take for granted, and start asking yourself just how much magic you can actually experience? How much magic are you allowed to have? How much are you allowed to create?? Is it any??



Magic is surprise and delight. It’s ALL about not having all the answers. That’s what makes it so delightful! It’s about seeing the supposedly impossible become possible. It’s about not knowing how the unbelievable BECAME possible, yet here it is.



If you are not allowing yourself any magic, or to discover your own ability to create it… you might be cutting yourself off from an essential element of joy and happiness in your life. Are you ready to invite it back in? Are you ready to explore what it can do in your life?



Earth magic is about transformation. It’s the process of creation. It is making the unseen seen. It takes curiosity, and a sense of adventure, and a willingness to break out of old rules and question everything to practice earth magic. 



If you’re reading this you’re a magic maker already. You magically drew these very words into your field, because you knew they would bolster you in the magic you’re currently making, and you knew they would remind you not to give up. And not to give up on magic. 



Because to do so would be to give up on YOU. Because you are magic. And all the things and people you love are magic too. Magic is all around you every single day. Even when you can’t feel it.



And it’s okay when you don’t feel it. Not feeling it sometimes is just part of the magic. 😉 You will feel it again in right time.



Your capital S self doesn’t WANT to know “how it all turns out”… because that would ruin all the fun! And totally kill the magic, and that’s what you’re here for! So if you’re worried about how it’s all gonna turn out… and it doesn’t feel very magical right now… good…



then you’ll be that much more delighted when it comes.



I’ll tell you a secret too… it really doesn’t come or go. It’s always here. It just gets revealed and covered over. Revealed and covered over. Which is a natural and perfect process of your souls evolution. You really can trust it.



Lean in and keep opening your heart ever wider to all of yourself and life, and it will absolutely, positively, knock your socks off.