July 9, 2023

Point Of Contact

Point Of Contact

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Today I invite you to put one hand across the back of your neck, just beneath the base of your skull, and one hand across your forehead, and take those three nice slow big breaths, breathing that air all the way down to your root, and letting out nice long slow exhales. This trinity breath allows you to align body, mind and spirit in the short span of just 3 conscious breaths. Welcoming you home to yourself, and opening your energy centers and inviting them to expand.
Today I am inviting you to use this centered space to be a point of contact. Contact for what you say?  I don’t know. Who do you need to hear from??
Is it yourself you need to hear from? Write to yourself in your journal, or speak to yourself out loud and talk it out.
Is it someone or something in the non-physical? Write to them in your journal or speak to them out loud and talk it out.  If this makes you nervous or skeptical, let the nervousness and skeptical-ness be part of it. They won’t mind.
Is it the divine you want to hear from directly? Is it guides? Angels? Play with it. Reach out. Ask for guidance, help, assistance, another view. If that feels out of reach, just use your imagination, be like a kid playing tin-can-telephone with the cosmos. What do you imagine it would say? Do you imagine you can’t talk back to it? Try talking back to it.  🎶🎵 “Yakkety-Yak DO talk back”.  LOL 😉
Despite what you’ve been told the divine loves your questions, and your own finding of your own answers for you.  Your own soul self, deeper self, higher self, or whatever you want to call that loves it too. So do angels, guides and elementals. Just lighten up about it. Have fun and play with it, don’t take it too seriously and let any skepticism or silliness you feel about it be part of it.
If you think it has to be all sacred and seriousness….   who do you think invented laughter?? 😉 and silliness itself? I cannot THINK of anything more reverent than that!
Be a point of contact for whatever it is you wish to contact, let yourself play with it with a bit of a lighter heart. See what happens.
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See you there. 🤗 Much love sweet pea’s,