July 16, 2023

Solidity Is Space

Solidity Is Space

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Today I invite you to use your hands to weave a figure eight pattern over your chest horizontally, and then over your throat horizontally, as many times as feels good to you. Like you’re drawing it in the air or across your skin (on body, or just off the body in your energy field). And then take 3 deep breaths, breathing all the way down to your lower belly on each, and long slow exhale out. Take as long as you want with that…
Today, I’m here to remind us, from this centered place, that everything, everything, everything that SEEMS absolutely solid as rock, is actually made of SPACE. From a scientific perspective, all matter is made of atoms and all atoms are mostly made of SPACE.
I’m not going to get into the specifics of this, and trust you have Google just like I do. 😉 😂  But it is so easy to forget this simple fact when we are looking at our reality, our life, our work, our relationships, our world, and even our state of being as something solid, pre-formed, repetitive and unchangeable.
Yes it seems solid. Yes it is repetitive. Yes it’s been formed and has taken form. AND it’s made of space! Of particles and waves! And ultimately of neutral nothingness (space) – which is ripe and ready to be re-formed and re-shaped into something entirely different and NEW at ANY TIME.
You can hack a table up into pieces and build a sculpture out of it. Or you could burn that table to ash, mix that ash with soil and seeds and grow some flowers. Or mix the ash with water and make a face paint. There are infinite ways to transform what seems solid.
And the same applies to your money, your work, your career, your relationships, your emotions, and everything and anything else. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, as they say. 😉  And THAT is why you’ve been given a will!!  To make new ways!!!
The transformation of consciousness around a topic, like money for instance, is similar to deconstructing the table, so that you could construct the table into something else or something new. You have to look at and take apart the energy of your relationship to money, or your work, or whatever it is you wish to change.
You have to see HOW it’s been constructed in the first place, and see that you didn’t build it, you just inherited it, or you bought it, and now… you get to take it apart, burn it down, put it back together, make an entirely new formation out of that old energy structure (or belief structure, etc.).
Same applies to your emotions. Your reactions. You have to be willing to take it apart. You have to be able to vision it into something ELSE.
And you can do that more easily when you remember it’s made of space! That very solid stable seeming thing, is made of space and can be completely reformed in ways you wouldn’t have ever thought of!
You could make a bird house out of it! You could use it for firewood to warm your house. You could put a sheet over it and make it into a fort and crawl inside.
I’m sharing this as a simple example that everything you only see ONE WAY, has MANY MANY POSSIBLE WAYS it could be, that are different than how you’re seeing it! And your seeing it first, is what would make it into something else.
Do NOT underestimate the power of your vision. Or of your intention! You can change anything by changing the energy of it.
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