September 3, 2023

The Psychology Of “Sale!” 

woman in orange dress holding cake with the text over the image: The Psychology Of “Sale!”

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Everybody loves to save, right? Companies know this, and they use that love to their advantage. Of course they do, why wouldn’t they?? It works!
By getting things on sale or at a savings, you get to keep more of your money. Who doesn’t want that?
People need to keep more of their money, it’s not just a want thing, it’s a need. And so life has a beautiful way for us to do this, through ‘sales’ and special discounts. That’s beautiful! It works. It serves.
But it may also serve to just understand the psychology behind all of this, so that we can simply be more aware of all that is happening beneath the surface. Because it’ll set you free.
I myself love it when I find out something I was going to buy anyway is on sale, fantastic! I feel “rewarded”, I feel “smart”, I feel like I’ve made a “good and responsible choice”, and that’s the whole idea behind sales…
You get temporarily alleviated of your guilt for spending.
You get to feel like you were “smart” and “responsible” instead of an out of control greedy irresponsible child who can’t be trusted with money. 😂 🤣  
Which is what is underneath the surface going on all the time when you buy things, for most people. A narrative that we try to ignore that says that is what we ARE when we spend money on ourselves.
Most people have clever cover ups for this, and have stories about how they “deserve it” because of certain hardships they’ve had to endure, or other reasons, and the reason for this is because our mind is a sweet helper and it wants to help us get what we NEED! It is a friend that way, and it will construct a story to allow you to feel the PEACE inside yourself that you are craving. And you DO deserve that peace within yourself and your decisions, 1000%.
Other parts of your mind will beat you up though, they are trying to help you too but not in a nice way, in a punishing way… and those are the ones we try to get away from.
The “sale” lets you keep more of your money, yes. But it also lets you keep the idea that money is and will always be scarce, and that you must work within limitation, instead of just make a decision to expand beyond your current limitation… and this is where it gets tricky.
Because you do need to respect your own beliefs in your own limitations and work within the practical realities in front of you – but here’s a crazy idea 😉  – what if you did that AND you also worked on expanding your reality at the same time??!
What if, in a very small way at first perhaps, you just started buying things more based on what you ACTUALLY REALLY WANT instead of what “you can get”, in whatever way feels the most safe and accessible to you in the present, even if it is a bit of a stretch beyond what you would normally do? Or even if it means you hold out for what you really want?
In this way, you begin to take back your power of choice.
When we complain about how expensive things are, we are giving away our power and we are saying that our power is in other peoples hands… when we remember the choice is still ours, and it is still ours, and our decision whether our decision is a yes or a no, we take our power back.
When we wish things were on sale so we could feel better about getting the thing we want, we give away our power. Telling ourselves that the outside world has the power, and not us. But when we decide what we want, even if we cannot buy it right NOW, and we stick to that as long as we still want it, we take our power back, and we decide that we will not shrink ourselves or our desires to fit the world as it is, but that we will expand ourselves until OUR WORLD fits US!
Sales and ‘special savings’ make use of our societal and collective belief in scarcity and lack. But on the flip side trying to pretend you feel abundant or have abundance when you don’t does not work either!
But staying with yourself and your ACTUAL wants, is a kind of love for yourself that begins to feel like SAFETY in your body and soul. Like a kind of security you never really had, because you are no longer asking yourself to stop wanting what you want, or shaming yourself for wanting what you want, you are telling yourself and your desires that you HEAR them, you HONOR them as-is, and you LOVE them, and you will take care of what’s in front of you in your NOW reality AND you will expand into what you want as well, and you will not abandon yourself or shame yourself anymore just because you do not immediately see the way forward.
When you were a child you were likely shamed for wanting more than what your caregivers could provide, OR you felt THEIR SHAME and you took that onto yourself.
There is nothing to be ashamed of though, not for them, and not for you, the bare bones of it is this: you have a desire for something, and you either can get that thing, or you cannot at present time. That does not mean the desire is bad or wrong, or that YOU are bad or wrong or anything like that. 
It just means life has shown you something you want to experience and you can either open and expand out to meet that thing, or collapse yourself down and tell yourself you can’t and will never.
That choice is yours. I personally have chosen to expand outward towards the things I want, even when I have not seen a current way I could do that, I just choose it anyway, and I just move forward holding my choice that I am the one who gets to have that until the means materializes. It always does with time as long as I don’t give it up or tell myself it’s impossible, sometimes it’s very quick, sometimes it takes a lot longer, but I’m willing to wait. Because I’m giving myself that much love.
I don’t tell myself that I’m stupid or bad for wanting what I want and not wanting to settle, anymore. I used to!
I just make any small moves that I can in that direction, I stretch myself but not so much that I’m terrified, I stretch myself far enough to invite in new resources, but not so much that I am paralyzed with fear. I take care of my NOW – AND – my FUTURE self at the same time. I don’t abandon one or the other. 
So “sale prices” are nice, they’re a great mutually beneficial thing in our economy, people get what they want, and the companies get what they want, but I just no longer use sales for ‘permission’ to want what I want or permission to have what I want.
And I no longer tell myself I am being smart or responsible when I buy at a sale price because that would automatically come with the flip side which is that I am being STUPID and IRRESPONSIBLE when I pay full price for something! And I am not either one of those extreme opposites. I am both, and everything in between. 
I am just a human wanting an experience or a thing and choosing it for myself (or choosing to get it as soon as I am able to). It’s very simple without all the stories we put around it, and more importantly the IDENTITIES we create for ourselves around it!! Good lord. 😅 
So enjoy a good sale when you find one, and enjoy paying full price too! But you will be able to do so so much easier when you deconstruct what you are making both of those things MEAN ABOUT YOU. They don’t mean anything about you but what you make them mean.
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