September 4, 2022

Time To Lift

A man in an astronaut suit is flying holding on to balloons and text over it: Time To Lift

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Dearest Beloved, 
I want you to know something today about your dreams. Those big or small dreams that you’ve been chasing and creating, working on and trying for, those ones that haven’t come true…
I know you feel disillusioned and disappointed sometimes, and I know that sometimes you want to close the door to your heart on these dreams forever.
And I am here to tell you, that as sweet as the sentiment is to try to protect yourself like that…
You are never going to do it.
Not even after you draw your final breath.
And the reason for that is, you ARE the dream, beloved. You are the dream of life, dreaming its dreams, and you could no sooner stop your dreams than you could stop your eye color.
They are part of you.
And you are part of them.
And life will not have it any other way.
But those dreams are not a solid thing, or even a certain thing. In fact, any kind of crystal clarity you are hoping to achieve with them is just that same old perfectionism in a petticoat.
Crystal clarity would only limit you to what your mind/ego can come up with, and all it can come up with is stuff that it’s seen in its past.
But you are not the past.
You are the now.
And the NOW holds infinite unseen possibilities.
Why would you want to limit them with your “crystal clarity” on how to move forward? Why would you want to limit them with even your best-laid plans???
Love is wise and knows that if it allows you to believe that your happiness and peace lies in becoming or achieving a particular thing, in a particular way, you will never truly be happy or at peace.
Because you will simply then either move on to becoming/achieving the next big thing, or live in constant fear of loss of that thing or that shape of your life.
So Love, in all its kindness and wisdom, is inviting you to drop the distance between you and the dream. Drop the middle man between you and deeper ease, abundance, and Love.
It is inviting you to retire the fighter, the struggler, and the sufferer who believes that those things will bring it reward. And of COURSE it believes that… you have been rewarded for causing yourself distress for most of your life!
But times have changed. The world has changed. The universe is shifting. And you no longer have to do that. You can choose to exit from the fight. And to begin to love what IS with all your heart.
Even the things that feel impossible to love.
Because all those things ever really are… is YOU.
You think you need absolute clarity on your dreams, you think you need clarity on the HOW’S, because you don’t trust life at all, even though you say you do. Your need for a perfect plan for your life shows the mind/ego’s lack of trust loud and clear, it shows its need to control because it cannot fathom another way…
And that’s okay. It’s part of the process of relinquishing that form of control.
But Love is inviting you to another way. If you are hitting disappointment or frustration of any kind right now because life hasn’t met your expectations… then Love is most definitely inviting you to an entirely new way of life.
One wherein you TRULY know you are held, and loved, and supported in every single way and always will be, and not just SAY that, while on the inside you’re still running scared.
One where you don’t chase your dream anymore. You simply BECOME IT. And you let Love support you in that in whatever shape that takes, and whatever time it takes.
Have you ever been driving on a single-lane winding country road and had a car speed up right behind you and ride your ass like their hair’s on fire?
How does that feel??
How does that feel in your body???
It feels horrible, right? It stresses you out. It makes you feel unsafe. It doesn’t even make it feel safe to pull over because they’re right on your ass to the point that even pulling over doesn’t feel safe. And it doesn’t matter how fast you go. It’s never fast enough for them.
Yet that is what you’ve been doing to yourself. That is precisely what you do to yourself when you do not trust life and trust yourself and come home yourself, here and NOW. You ride your own ass, you stress yourself out, and you don’t give yourself space or even a second to “pull over,”… which means pause.
Pause and go whatever freaking pace you want to.
Pull over and stop running yourself around like that.
Pull over and pause and stop pushing yourself around like that tailgater who has no regard in that moment for your life or their own.
They only have regard for the destination. They only have regard for the speed they think they need to go. And they would kill someone in the process of doing so, to get there.
The one that we kill with this is US.
We say to ourselves, “move over and out of the way who I am right now!!” I have no time for you!! I don’t care about you!! I only care about getting where I want to go!! You don’t matter! I don’t care if I run you off the road into a ditch, just get out of my way!!
This is what we do to ourselves.
And Love says, “I have a better way.” Love says, “the way you’ve been running yourself around your whole life is not going to work for you anymore.”
Love says… “this is not a choice between your dreams for your life and present moment acceptance…
Love says… because whole and present acceptance includes YOU! And you ARE the dream. You cannot manifest the dream that doesn’t include the real YOU. The one who knows you’re unconditionally loved and supported always. The one who knows your absolute beauty and abundance. The one who knows how precious you and everything in this universe truly is.
And Love won’t let you do it. Because Love knows what your ego does not… which is that you wouldn’t want anything less. And you’re not going to settle until you get it.
And there’s only one place to get it.
And it’s not out there.
It’s in here.
It’s at the center of you, and it doesn’t leave.
Love your now includes loving your dreams, and loving your dreams includes loving your now, and if you think you have to choose one or the other, it’s only because you think that some part of you doesn’t belong in this world.
There is no part of you that doesn’t belong in this world.
You are this world and everything in it.
And this world is you, and everything in you.
Just thought you might want to remember that today.
You are doing just fine. You are right where you should be. It’s all gonna be okay. You don’t have to know what to do next. It will come to you when it’s time to know it, and not one second before. You don’t have to know where your abundance will come from next, it is coming to you now, and it will come to you ALWAYS, in a billion forms.
And I’m not exaggerating when I say that, every single cell in your body is part of that abundance, and every grain of dirt in the soil that holds your home up, every fiber of the chair, or every particle of metal, every atom in every breath that your lungs breathe for you, all without you having to do a THING.
Opt-out of the struggle. Opt-out of the fight. Choose to align with your greatest vision of Love for your life in this moment. And keep choosing it.
It’s all you ever have to do. 
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