March 12, 2023

If You Have Shame

Red Hair Woman, nearing on her hands and text: If You Have Shame about not being more "Responsible"

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If you have shame about not being more “responsible”
If you are carrying shame
and judgement
over being “irresponsible”,
or failing to be or do
what you “should”…
Thank you.
Often, what we call “responsible”,
is nothing more than…
allegiance to other peoples values,
and directives.
You have always been ‘responsible’
to what you valued MOST
at any given time,
things like freedom perhaps,
creativity, love, lightness or even fun…
and whether “good” or “bad” things
came from those endeavors,
you learned more about
yourself, and grew.
Which is,
in actuality…
your primary
responsibility.  😉 

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