August 9, 2020

What Does It Mean To Be Free?


It means you are no longer confined or withheld by the limits others put on you, or that you put on yourself.


It means the ability to choose. It means you are not owned. It means no one can own you. Or hold you back. Or down.


To me, it means to know I am limitless, literally. Not even limited by this body. This time. This society. This world. To me it means I am truly infinite and eternal and when I am with that knowing in myself, I know I am free.


When I think I am nothing more than a human, living in a world, and a time, in the ‘way it is’, with limitations and restrictions on what I can and cannot do, choose, be or have, it hurts. When others say things that confine me to this, it hurts. Suddenly where I saw no limitations, I see many. Suddenly I don’t feel free.


But there will always be those tests. Those questions I can only answer for myself, and no one else. Those questions for which I am allowed my own answers. And they are an opportunity for me to come back to, and claim my freedom, more deeply than before.


To Sunni, the human woman – to be free means to be able to choose based on desire and not what she is allowed to or ‘can’ have within her limits. It means being able to choose what she wants, and to have it. To go where she wants, and be what she wants, and say what she wants, and do what she wants. And for her there is a perpetual question that says:


“How free am I really allowed to be?? Am I really allowed to be free at all?? How free am I allowed to be? How free can I be? As a human in this world?”


Can I really go where I want?

Be what I want?

Say what I want?

Have what I want?

Do what I want?


If I were really that free I’d have it all. But it would not be the things, places, or details of that that would make me happy, but the knowing that I TRULY AM that free.


Every time I create something in my life that I was previously made to believe was not possible (and therefore a limitation I had to live under), I get more free, or rather, I remember how free I always am. And every time I go to test that in new ways, I doubt it all over again, thinking that this time the cage is really real. But it isn’t. It never is.


It may seem real. So did the last set. And it may break my heart when I believe in it. But it breaks my heart not because I don’t think I can be, do, or have whatever it is I am wanting, but because I DON’T REALLY SEE ME in that moment. I don’t see who I really am, and it hurts.


I don’t see myself, or my freedom, in those moments when I believe I have to do or be something other than I am or what I want to have my freedom.  When the truth is that all I have to be, is to be ME.


That will sound ludicrous when you’re thinking purely on the level of the human.


There are very real challenges and limitations for humans. But there is also a very real power to change those limitations. And that power is truly MORE REAL.


The cage is not real. The bars are not real. They are a mirage made real by our agreement. We can see right past them. We can make THAT real too.


I can fully honor the sadness of my human heart who has lost SO much in not being seen or honored as she is, or feeling free. And I can also fully commit to living my freedom, and loving my freedom, and expanding the capacities of how free I believe I’m allowed to be…  all the days of my life.


And so, I do.

That is what I choose.

And I celebrate my freedom to do so.

And you can too.


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