March 15, 2020

Inside Out Living


My loves, we are raised in an outside-in world. 


Everything we are taught in this world from the day we are born is about living from the outside-in.


What that means is that you are taught that what you need is ‘out there’, and what makes you safe is ‘out there’, and what makes you loved is ‘out there’, and how you grow and get good things is ‘out there’. It means ‘out there’ tells you who you are, ‘out there’ tells you what you’re worth, ‘out there’ tells you what you can have and what you can’t have.


It means you work with your limitations ‘out there’, it means those limitations exist and can only be worked with ‘out there’. It means the world, and other people, and situations, and circumstances define your reality, your worth, your circumstances and your power or powerlessness. 


It means you must look to all the things out there to tell you how you’re doing, and whether or not you’re going to be safe, seen, heard and loved.


And yet, every next thing you secure on this path, is somehow NEVER ENOUGH. This is outside-in living. 


This kind of living says: what you get out there, will fix what’s wrong in here. It is how most of the world operates, it is how you’ve been taught to live, it is deeply ingrained and entrenched and that path has worn a groove as wide as the grand canyon, because it’s the dominant school of thought in our society.


But you, my dear, are not an outside-in liver.


Deep down you know that you ARE, and have always been, made to live INSIDE-OUT.


Inside-out living is the opposite. It means your safety, your love, your power, is INSIDE. Always has been, always will be. It means you work from the inside-out, and when you do, you see your reality shift to mirror that change. It’s based on who you REALLY are, versus who you temporarily are.


It means you are already worthy, already enough, already brilliant and powerful beyond measure, already love and are loved… and all you ever need do is clear what “mud” is in the way of you knowing that. Clear the shitty filters that have been placed around and on top of that, so you can slowly but surely reveal your own magnificence and perfectly-imperfect self at the center. 


With outside-in living, you choose based on current limitations, circumstances and perceptions. You work with “what you can get”, in all areas. But with inside-out living you choose what you WANT, regardless of current circumstances or limitations, and you simply do the work INSIDE and know that it will appear outside when you are ready for it.


All of my life I have known this on some level, but it has been buried and forgotten at certain stages. Because you’re taught that you’re crazy to live that way in this world. You’re taught that you MUST work from the outside limitations, in. And if you are anything like me, that kind of living feels absolutely STIFLING to you in the worst possible way.


 Every time I get sucked back in to outside-in perceptions or world views, I feel like a caged animal. I feel the tinyness of that limitation around me like a box that I want to bust the F out of IMMEDIATELY and say, “NO! DON’T CAGE ME IN to this shit!!  NO! NO. That is not how I live. That is not how this works. And I know it.”


Each time this comes up I rip that box to shreds, because it’s not real, and I just needed the reminder. And every time the box comes back… it’s a new box. It’s not the same box, it’s a different box. A bigger box, but still an F-ing box. So it has to go too.


Inside-out living means I choose. It means I find what I’m looking for out there IN HERE, and I know that what I find and free in here, will reflect ‘out there’ in due time.


All I need to do is keep clearing the muddied lenses that prevent me from seeing who and what I really am. And everything I want to create in my life will be created from that unfolding. It’s all I ever need do, and the steps reveal themselves as soon as my view is clear enough to see them.


Can you create a life living from the Outside-In? Of course!! Can you create a whole slew of phenomenal results from the outside-in? Of course!! But they will never feel like “yours” and they will never be enough, and they will feel empty when they come, or potentially even scary and on shaky ground like you never even had them to begin with. 


When you create from the inside-out, then you ALREADY ARE what you’re creating, so by the time it shows up, you can hold it and know it’s for you in a much more peaceful way. And you don’t fear holding onto it or losing it as much because you know it came from inside here – not OUT THERE (this of course is a life long process of remembrance, it takes time, and practice, but gets easier).


Outside-in living is based on scarcity, which means you have to control and compete for what you need and want. Inside-out living is based on abundance, it’s about allowing what’s already within you and available to you to simply emerge. 


When you live from the inside-out there is no need to control or compete for what you need or want. Because there is no limitation, no finite pile of love or money that everyone is fighting for. There is a flow, a flow that you are not just “part of” but ARE. 


You are that flow, and a conduit and director of that flow, and it is quite literally without end. Borderless. Limitless. Beyond anything you could imagine in all your life, but you can FEEL that truth. And likely you already have felt it, many times. Like when you look at the ocean, or swim in the river, or plant your feet in the earth in spring.


That outside-in world, the world of illusions can seem so VERY VERY real. It can seem so solid, so threatening, so painful and so much more powerful than you. But it isn’t. Those very very real things pop like bubbles, all the time. So very real… and then gone, in an instant. But what is true, remains. 


You are what is true.


You are the truth you FEEL when you look at that ocean, walk in that forest, dip your toes in that lake. That is what is true.


And that truth is everything you want and then some. It creates everything you want and then some. Because it is the thing that bore that desire in you in the first place. It knows what it’s doing. You know what you’re doing. So trust it, and trust YOU.


And keep tearing off all those boxes this world tries to put on you. Those aren’t your boxes. And they’re nobody else’s either, so when you tear yours off, everyone wins. 


So how can you live from the inside-out?


First by just bringing awareness to when you’re living from the outside-in. Believing the answers, love, abundance, etc. is outside you and withheld from you and in someone else’s power. Just notice this training, and shift back into yourself when you can. Get curious about it. Get help with it.


And if you want my help with this, join me in my Feast or Famine No More Course, and uncover your power to create the life and business you truly want. You deserve nothing less than to discover that for yourself, in this one precious ride as this one particular human you are now. 💃🏽 😍 🎉





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