November 29, 2020

Making Leaps

A really silly thing that we humans do is try to save ourselves from feeling disappointed by CREATING the disappointment to begin with instead.  


This might look like: not trying something in order to avoid possible failure and disappointment, by instead creating the failure and disappointment UP FRONT by telling yourself that it will probably be a failure and disappointment. 😆


You’re still experiencing the disappointment! And you’re even experiencing the failure too (because you’ve told yourself you’re not capable of that in that moment), you’re just doing it in a way that you perceive as more manageable, because you can do that right NOW, whereas the alternative would require you to actually go into the unknown, and risk exposure, and we humans are VERY uncomfortable with the unknown!


But isn’t that interesting that we would rather be disappointed than go into the unknown. When the truth is that the unknown is where EVERY good thing in your life came out of, and where every good thing to come will come out of too! The loved ones you’ve met, the unexpected delights, your children if you have them, your pets, your business ideas, etc. etc.


It is nothing more than a parlor trick of your mind to get you to believe that it will hurt less now vs. later.


It would hurt exactly the same, except you might simply be more AWARE that you are hurting if you tried and failed, whereas if you disappoint yourself now, you’ll be able to console yourself with stories of how you didn’t really need that anyway, so it will SEEM to hurt less…


But then you might find yourself unexpectedly blowing up at your partner, or feeling depressed for no real known reason, or being weepy or angry, and just not linking those feelings to the fact that you just blew off your hearts calling.


All this to say, if you’re going to feel it anyway (which you are), you may as well go for what you want in life. Because the only thing you REALLY have to lose is the life you came here to live, and no choice you make in that direction, whether it flies or flops, will ever be a failure to do that, just another step forward in the direction of your heart and the very reason you’re here… to LIVE!


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