March 27, 2022

Nothing To Offer You But Me

Sunni Chapman, the author in the background, and text Nothing To Offer You But Me

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Here’s the truth: I’ve got nothing to offer you but ME.


I know I’m not really supposed to say that in the online business space, but it’s true for me.


It’s true for me because I don’t teach a method or a strategy. Methods and strategies are wonderful, but that’s not what I do.


It’s true for me because I’m not a coach. Coaching is amazing! I have loved and worked with many coaches. But, again, it’s not what I do.


One time on one of our RV trips, we were lying in our bed looking out the window at the lake, and I was talking to Kenny about some of my fears and feelings coming up around my Feast or Famine No More Course, and what I should or shouldn’t do or say in the course or something like that, and I started veering into over-analyzing territory (as I do!), and he looked at me, and with a calm and profound simplicity that cut right through all the mental noise in an instant (as he does!) said…



“You ARE the course, sweetie. You ARE the course.”


And I got teary-eyed at that brilliance, because he was exactly right. I am the course. The course, my books, they’re just me. They’re just me, living. Me creating my most beautiful life. Me sharing what I move through to do that.


Because my deep knowing is that when I do that—when I am profoundly clear that I have nothing to offer here but me, exactly as I am, and where I am with what my unique life path has equipped me to do—that sets people free to offer and be “just them” too. In the ways that *their* unique life path has equipped *them* to do.


When we do for ourselves what we truly wish for ourselves, we become a walking permission slip. A permission slip for ourselves and for others who want that same permission.



When I’m clear I have nothing to offer but me, then something really beautiful begins to happen…


I stop performing for approval. I stop trying to be something I am not, and trying to promise things I can’t guarantee, and I just let myself offer what I actually have to offer…



Which is: Me.


Yes, I am a writer, I am a creator, I am a designer, I am an art director, I am a consultant, and I am a mentor. But those are still things I DO. They’re not who I am, though they are part of who I am.


Who I am is simply someone who follows her heart and follows her dreams, and who believes Life is BEAUTIFUL and precious and full of miracles and magic (despite its harrowing moments), and that anything is possible if you have a vision and you hold it in your heart and move through whatever you need to move through to get there.


Someone who believes that your dreams for your life were born when your soul was born into your little body, and your whole life has been an adventure in reuniting with them.


Every soul has very different dreams, some big, some small, some that others will never understand, some that don’t even look like dreams at all to most people, some grand and vast and spectacular, some quiet and simple and sweet, each as unique as their owner. But no matter what size or shape the dream, it is yours, and it is precious, and it deserves proper tending. Proper nourishing, feeding, watering, and love.



Just as you do.


And I have nothing to offer you in that but me, walking with you on the journey of following your dreams, through uncharted territory, and lots of messy feelings and big joyous breakthroughs, and big ugly breakdowns too, and every precious moment in between.


My books and courses are a space for me to do that, and a space for you to do that too.


I don’t have it all figured out. I’m NEVER gonna have it all figured out. I’m figuring it out as I go along, just like every other being on the planet. (Even when they THINK they have it all figured out. 😉 Cause we’ve all been there, am I right? lol)



So, while I could say that when you buy my books and courses, you are paying me to be me (and you are!), the more true statement is that when you buy my books and courses, you are paying YOU to be YOU.


And I don’t know about you,

but I definitely approve that purchase.




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