December 5, 2021

Tell Yourself The Stories You Want To Hear

A path made of wood in the sand, that leads to the sea, and text: Tell Yourself The Stories You Want To Hear

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A path made of wood in the sand, that leads to the sea, and text: Tell Yourself The Stories You Want To Hear. Beside is instruction how can you hear the audio of this blog
This week I’d like to get right to the meat of things, by asking you to practice bringing some conscious attention to the stories you’re telling yourself about money (or time, or love, or anything else):
• What stories do you tell yourself (and others) about money?
• What stories do you tell yourself (and others) about time?
• What stories do you tell yourself (and others) about life?
• What stories do you tell yourself (and others) about your dreams?
• What stories do you tell yourself in your head, and what stories do you tell externally or out loud? Do they differ?? Notice.
• Do you complain about everything being “so expensive”? Or complain that people or companies are trying to rip you off by charging whatever it is they charge?
• Do you complain about the cost of things these days, and complain about money and the lack of it all the time?
• Do you say things like you wish money just didn’t exist? Do you talk about money as if it’s scarce, and against you, and “bad” and the root of all the worlds problems? And of all your problems?
Begin to bring more consciousness to this. Notice when you catch yourself in it. Where did it come from? Are you just repeating it because it’s all you’ve ever heard? Do you want to continue it?
Please hear me that if you have these thoughts and views, this is NOT A JUDGEMENT on those things! We are all absolutely stewing in this mindset about money in this world, and most of us have been raised to think and behave this way about money since birth. 
So this is NOT to shame anyone about these views, or to make them wrong. It is just to pose a question for you to consider, and that question is:
How do you think speaking about money this way affects your relationship and experience with money? And how do you think that relationship affects your whole life?
If you’re not sure, let me ask you another question: if you had a partner, and you constantly complained about them being too much, and not enough, and wishing they didn’t exist, and talking about them like they are against you, holding you back, withholding from you and the root of all your problems and all problems with the world — how do you think that relationship would go??
Not very well, right? Not very well at all. How could it, when you view it and speak of it that way?  The same applies to your relationship with money, and your relationship to anything and everything. Because how you think and speak about things is how you experience them.
Everybody knows that if you want human relationships to change, you have to get clear on what you want instead, and how you want to feel instead, and you have to speak it, and change your previous ways, and set that intention to create that love and mutual respect. It is the exact same with your relationship to money.
Maybe you don’t tell yourself that story about money, but you tell it about time. Or you tell it about love, or support. That there’s not enough of those either, and they’re scarce too. That you have to do everything yourself, that you can’t trust anyone, that there’s never enough time, etc.
If you’re reading this post it’s because you already know on some level that this universe is creation in motion, and that YOU. ARE. THAT. 
If you’re reading this you already know, or are beginning to get in touch with the fact, that you are a creator. You are creation, created, creating! And now you are just bringing more consciousness to WHAT it is you are creating, instead of creating based on old unconscious patterns.
So I have just one question for you – do you want to keep telling yourself these old stories? Or do you want to tell yourself some new ones? Do you want to have a different experience with money, with time, with freedom, with your work, your loves, your talents, your relationships and your dreams?
Then just start bringing conscious awareness to the stories you’ve been repeating unconsciously. Because when you do that, you begin to have a choice. 
Before that, you didn’t have a choice! Because you were simply and innocently not aware of the stories you were repeating by default. But once you see it, you DO have a choice. And you can begin to disrupt that pattern and create something new.
What stories do you want to tell yourself now instead? 
WRITE THEM DOWN. This takes them out of your head and makes them real in the physical. This is so important. Write them down
Even if you don’t believe them yet. Write them down and then follow every breadcrumb that shows up on your path after that to guide you, and you will begin to experience a new reality with that old thing you thought would never, and could never, change.
You must have persistence in this though. Those old patterns and stories are going to keep popping up! But if you keep re-committing to a new story, you will begin to start LIVING that new story, in ways that will honestly blow your mind.
And as always, if you’d like some help and ongoing support with that, I invite you to join me in my Feast Or Famine No More Course, have a peek and see if it calls to you, I’d love to see you there »