January 8, 2023

Turning The Page

Abstract olive green background and text: Turning The Page

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If you are feeling a bit jumbled and disoriented at the moment, take heart…
there are some powerful reorganizing energies moving through right now, and you may be feeling a bit deconstructed at the moment like an engine whose parts have all been disassembled and are now just hanging out in midair awaiting re-assembly.
The re-assembly will happen. 😉
The cosmos knows what she’s doing, and deconstruction is necessary for a better future build. She’s taking apart the pieces to take a closer look at how this machine of you works, and blowing out the dust between the components.
She is making you NEW.
All the time.
But especially now, as we traverse this rate of change and evolution that is like light speed compared to what humanity has done in the past. But you don’t need to keep up with it or understand it. It is working itself out through your presence.
So if you are feeling unsure and uncertain and at the same time feeling massive pressure to do something or decide… just notice that for a moment. 
We are at a tipping point right now. That ‘massive pressure to do something‘, to make something happen through sheer will and force and to push through all your own feelings in order to do so, has been the modus operandi for eons, and that fire is going OUT. 
All of the actions and decisions that were based on that urgency and fear are no longer sustainable and will work for you less and less until they do not work at ALL for you anymore ( you will probably have noticed this a lot over the past year especially). 
What once used to be “fine” for you, is no longer okay. It’s not just you, the energies are shifting.
The way of push and force is no longer working. The way of “you’re on your own and you need to do and take care of everything on your own” is no longer working. The way of brute strength to overcome at the expense of your truest self and soul is no longer going to work.
This is because you’ve changed, but your mind has not quite caught up with it yet. Quietly in the background you’ve been being taken apart and put back together and your being is simply not the same.
The mind tries to carry out it’s usual programs but it keeps hitting a brick wall with them, because that is not who you are anymore.
Your energy system has transformed, and is transforming, and though it doesn’t come with a manual, it does come with a really beautiful compass that’s always on. It will tell you, through the way you feel, what’s going on and where you need to go.
And all you have to do is meet those feelings with love. 
The ego and mind are not bad, they just want to be understood. Heard. Seen. They want to know they’re important and have a say. Our pain comes in when we expect others to do this for us, before we do it for ourselves.
How can they meet what you won’t?
All this to say, hang in there if you’re feeling a bit ungrounded and unsure, the energy should begin shifting soon, and in the meantime it is a beautiful opportunity to be with yourself in love when you DON’T KNOW.
Not knowing is such a beautiful beautiful place to be—if you’ll allow it. Because what it leaves you with is the one thing you can ALWAYS know with utter clarity…
which is all that’s within and without you right NOW. 
Exactly as it is. 
A perfect page in the infinite saga that is this life that you are.
Like I said, the cosmos knows what she’s doing 😉 … even when you aren’t quite sure. If it’s ever too scary, just wait…
she’ll turn the page.
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