September 19, 2021

Dear Money

Vintage notebook/diary on the table and text: Dear Money

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I have an assignment for you this week, should you choose to undertake it. I know it is going to change your life if you accept this challenge. 



Ready? Get out your journal, and write a love letter to money. Now I know what you’re probably thinking or feeling about that, but listen…



I have written many letters to money over the years, and the letters have changed over time dramatically, because my relationship with money has changed over time dramatically. And it will do this for you too, if you choose to do it.



Here’s how you do it: At the top of your page write  ‘Dear Money,”  and then write to money as if it were your dearest love, and best friend… as if you could tell it anything and it would be open to hearing that from you, and will love you no matter what you say.



Tell money all the things you love about it, all the things you appreciate, and all the things that have hurt you or frustrated you too. Tell it what you feel, what you need and what you want, and then ask it what it needs and wants from you (since this is a mutually loving and respectful relationship that you’re now creating). See what comes up.



This is a really powerful exercise, make some time for it. And if you need some inspiration I will share one of my more recent letters to money. I only do one or two a year, but I thought it would be helpful to share.



Some of my earliest letters to money included things like “you haven’t been here for me, and it hurts.” Since I have worked through a lot of that in my relationship to money, these days my letters have a very different feel, so please don’t be discouraged if you find your letter is full of hurt feelings, anger, sadness or anything like that. I assure you that being honest with money is the first step to a greater feeling of love and safety with it.



Money is energy (or spirit, or atoms and quarks, or whatever you want to call it) just like you and me, and if your mind is saying it’s silly to make money into a thing you have a relationship with, I assure you: YOU ALREADY HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH IT! You are just going to now be more CONSCIOUS of that relationship, and work on it, like you would any other. K?



So here’s one of my more recent letters to money in case it helps you to dig into your own:



“Dear Money,



I love you. Thank you for everything you have ever given me, including all the challenges that brought me to where I am today, and gave me the absolutely PRECIOUS life experiences I have had throughout my life. My love affair with you has been grand, hasn’t it? Beautiful. Sweeping. Epic. We’ve been through the lowest lows and the highest highs, but we have been together. And you have loved me every step of the way, as I have loved you.



You have been there for me always, even when I didn’t think it was enough. When I didn’t think you were enough. When I didn’t think I was enough. When I was ashamed of you. When I was ashamed of me. I see you now. I’m sorry I didn’t always. Please show me how I can love you better.



I suppose it is probably in the same way I would like to be loved better eh? That is a good question… thank you for inspiring me to dig into that.



The way I would like to let myself be loved better and to love better, is to be supported abundantly and with total ease just EXACTLY as I am and where I am in THIS moment. To be met without demands and expectations but with appreciation instead. To be cherished and celebrated and understood for my heart and soul. To know I make a difference and I matter. I think you want the same thing.



I want to feel free to choose what’s right for me without punishment, guilt or shame. To feel free to choose what’s right for me with absolute loving, abundant ease-filled support at every step. I want to be delighted. To have joy, pleasure. fun. I want to create, and feel, share and receive more beauty and more peace. I want to feel I can trust myself and trust life. So I suppose I should, and can, do the very same for you.



And I will.



I intend to love you more by supporting YOU abundantly and with total ease exactly as you are and exactly where you are in this moment (by not constantly telling you you’re not enough).



I intend to meet YOU without demands and expectations but with appreciation and gratitude instead (just as I want to be treated, because that inspires me, whereas shame for not being enough depresses and suppresses me).



I intend to celebrate and cherish YOU and understand YOUR heart and soul (by seeing all the ways you HELP and do good in this world for me, my family and all beings).



I intend to show YOU how you make a difference, and how you matter (by seeing and acknowledging the difference you make, and how very much it matters to me, and to everyone!)



I intend to set YOU free to choose what’s right for you with loving, abundant ease-filled  support at every step (by letting you tell me where you need to go, what you need to flow to, and what you need to do that month, that day, that moment, by honoring my intuition about that).



I intend to delight YOU (by letting you delight others, and me, and vice versa!), to bring YOU joy, pleasure, fun, and to create and give beauty through you and to you (by speaking about you in a loving and respectful way, instead of a shaming punishing way, by sharing you, by not grasping you too tightly, by not ignoring you when you are in a state I don’t want to see, by seeing all the wonderful things you create and do and take part in in this world!)



I intend to trust YOU, and life with you, as you have trusted me (by trusting your ebbs and flows and knowing you are always here, and everywhere, and we will always be together and find our way together)



Thank you for showing me how to love you better, and thank you for showing me how to love ME better too.



I love you, always, you teach me so much.



You have made my life so beautiful, from the first couple of coins I ever received of you, to the countless dollars of you throughout all the days of my life, no matter how seemingly short in supply. Whether you came to me in metals, in paper, in digits, or purely in imagination… you have made my life so rich.



Thank you 🙏🏽

Love, Sunni”



So that was my letter to money, and I invite you to write yours too. Let me know how it goes, I’d love to hear what comes up.



Bonus points and gold stars for anyone who then goes back over their letter and sees how it relates to your personal relationships too. 🤯 🤦‍♀️  



Want to work on changing your relationship with money so you can have more of it with more ease and joy? I’ve got just the thing »