October 9, 2022

Judging Comfortable

Cute toddler with blue eyes and ginger hair, eating paper, and text overlay: Judging Comfortable

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Do you have the belief that when you are completely comfortable and taken care of, there is no reason to move and thus you would never do anything ever again?
If so, you’re not alone. A lot of people do! This is how we’ve been trained. We’ve been trained in this world that FEAR motivates. FEAR drives. And to FIGHT is the only way to survive, grow and thrive.
This way was TRUE, it was the way of the world for our ancestors, and still now. We WERE motivated by fear and shame and guilt and all kinds of other forms of conditional love, we WERE driven by way of fear, and pain, and fight to survive based on scarcity, competition, and unworthiness.
BUT, this way of our past also completely ignores half the truth.
And that half is that LOVE is equally and MORE SO capable of creating, and creating change. And LOVE does it effortlessly! Because from love comes INSPIRATION. And from fear comes MOTIVATION.
Motivation was the old way, Inspiration is the new way. We no longer need to begin with lack and fear in order to create change. NOW, we can create change from LOVING AWARENESS.
Both ways still exist. And they will as long as they do. But if and when you are aware that you have a choice, you CAN choose to trust that you will act from love more powerfully, and more effortlessly, than you ever could have through external “motivation”.
At a certain point in your journey, motivation just won’t work for you anymore. And at that stage, you can just thank that motivation and fear for bringing you here to where you are now, and giving you all the things it has given you, and let it and yourself know, that you are choosing a different way now.
That you are being trained by the natural evolution of human consciousness, to begin to move from LOVE.
What I have discovered is that Love MOVES ME faster than any discomfort ever did. Discomfort has simply been the sign and signal that there is something here that needs more love. Something in me, or something in the world (which is always also in me).
So if your mind is telling you that if you are completely comfortable there will no reason to move or DO anything ever again, it’s just not true. It is ONE way humanity has moved. It is ONE way humanity has got things done. But it is NOT the only way, it is the old way, and it is dying.
If you are reading this, then you are among those that are ready to begin to move with love. Little by little, one step at a time, purging the old ways while we forge the new.
Love acts effortlessly from inspiration, we do not need to be “motivated” from that place, it happens without even thinking about it.
Motivation is needed when you’re trying to appease other peoples values, or societies values, and not listening to your own heart.
But Love has a better way. Trust it!
And trust yourself to recognize it.
You know what feels like love, and what doesn’t. You’ve always known it. But the world taught you to shut that knowing down.
It taught you that abuse is love, that control is love, and that withholding is love. That discomfort is love. But that is not love. It is manipulation and/or a signal that something is hurting and needs more acceptance and love.
Now you’re remembering what REAL love IS.
What unconditional love is.
You may think that: “love sometimes looks like discomfort though!”, but no, discomfort comes from what has not been loved. In other words, it’s not that discomfort is a “necessity” for change or healing, it’s just that it is there to show us what within us still hurts and needs our love. 
But when we believe that love IS discomfort, then we are going to hang onto discomfort for dear life! Instead of just letting it be the signal it was designed to be…
just a signal that something in you needs your love.
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