May 28, 2023

Layers Upon Layers

Drone view to sea, waves and sand and text: Layers Upon Layers

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In continuation with my experiment for the next 9 weeks of these Sunday posts I would love it if you would settle in, get comfortable and place one hand over your heart, and one hand over your solar plexus (if you are not familiar, that is the area between your belly button and your heart, your upper belly.) and take three deep slow breaths, being mindful to breath the breaths all the way down to your root chakra or tail bone and out at a nice deep slow pace that is comfortable for you.
I call this the trinity breath, because it is helping to align body, mind and soul in the present in just 3 deep and mindful breaths of union. And we’re incorporating different holding points with this to activate and drop into those energy centers in the body.
So go ahead and do that right now, I’ll wait…
From this space I want to remind you that you are perfect and whole and good and beautiful and amazing down to your very core. That there is nothing missing and nothing wrong with your being. That everything you’ve done and are doing are a perfect part of your unfolding and your life journey and story in this lifetime, and that that unfolding and story is infinitely expanded out in front of you.
It is safe to choose what you want and who you are, and go in the direction you feel called to. And you are supported and surrounded in assistance in the seen and unseen, and you are a precious and cherished expression of life.
Yes there are layers upon layers of you, and waves upon waves of feeling and change… yes you are becoming more aware and healing old patterns with love, but you are also always whole. Perfect. A treasured facet of life in all its glory.
There are a great many things you will want and you will do in your life and in your work or craft or being, but you are already more than life could ever have dreamed you’d be right here and now, and it delights in you and your every quirk and weirdness… every place you feel you aren’t quite right, is a gem to the divine.
So the layers and waves of yourself and your life’s changes, creations and healings aren’t really about becoming MORE, you see. They are about becoming more and more of YOU! And that does not mean there is one ‘you’ that is ‘the real you’ either, and the rest are fakes you’re being… the real you is whatever you are in the here and NOW.
Becoming more of you is about playing with being and doing whatever you want to be and do, it’s about not containing yourself to one idea, or one layer, or one wave, or one expression, but to allow the fullness of you to keep expanding. Forever.
That will not stop no matter how old you get. That will not stop after you pass. Death is just another doorway. Life keeps opening. And you are life!
Feel free to close out with the trinity breath again here if you like, bringing awareness to your heart field and and solar plexus (identity center) again as you do, and ask yourself what you’d like to play with today?
It could be something as simple as a new idea. Could be a big goal. Could be to bake a cake! Anything and everything goes. Let it be light and fun. See what your body and mind want to do from the space of “already enough”.
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See you there. 🤗 Much love sweet pea’s,