June 6, 2021

Money Myth Busting


So how do you feel about busting a few money myths this Sunday morning? I thought I’d keep it short and sweet so I’m not gonna go too far into each one, because I think you can take that pony and ride with it yourself 😀 but I’ll give you some starters, and next week we’ll dive into more of them!



1. Money doesn’t grow on trees. 

Actually, it totally does. Money is literally made out of trees. And before, and in addition to being made out of trees, it’s been made out of other stuff that literally grows out of the earth, such as metals. And before that ‘money’ was simply exchange of other stuff that was already here growing, like plants and goats and stuff. The point of the saying is to say money is scarce. But money is literally everywhere. However, when you believe it is scarce, it will seem very scarce indeed, and experiences and realities (in every country in the world!) get created out of that old belief and scarcity paradigm. If you see that in fact it is everywhere, it will cease to seem so scarce and more ways to invite it into your experience will naturally present themselves as you take those blinders off.



2. You can’t get something for nothing.

Actually, you totally can. And you literally do all day long every single freaking day. You get air, you get a beating heart, you get water, you get the earth under your feet, you get sunshine, you get wind, you get the gift of sight, sound, touch, love and yes often times all KINDS of other forms of abundance and even money – for nothing. Ever found a coin on the street? Money for nothing. Ever been given a gift, won something, or received something that FELT like a gift for no reason at all? Something for nothing. It literally happens ALL the time. Myth busted.



3. The harder you work, the more money you’ll have.

Ummm, I think we all know that is not true, and I don’t know who anybody thinks they are kidding with this. If this were true there would a LOT OF REALLY REALLY RICH PEOPLE out there. Because there are people working their asses off the world over believing in this myth and not ever seeing the fruit they were promised. This myth was created by people who already had a lot of money to motivate people who didn’t have any, thousands of years ago and has been perpetuated ever since. These days, there are people making tens of millions of dollars goofing off on YouTube. There are people getting paid to say what they think. There are people the world over getting paid to live and work in what they are most passionate about and love the most. The old rules no longer apply. If it exists ANYWHERE it is possible and can exist for you too. Anything other than that is just the old belief talking. 



4. Money can’t buy love.

While it is certainly true that money cannot buy love itself, an elderly person could buy a puppy or a kitten and receive and enjoy many years of unconditional love as a result of that purchase (and the money it takes to care for that new friend). Money can also be used to provide goods, services and experiences to and for people that are loving and cause people to feel love and loved, including yourself — both coming in and going out. People also use money to donate to causes they really care about and are passionate about, and that is yet another way that love expresses itself through money. So no you cannot buy a persons love, but money absolutely CAN and does buy many things that express and feel like love to you and others, all the time.



It is not easy to change your mindset about these things when the rest of the world is shoving evidence of the opposite in your face daily, but all you have to do is choose FOR YOU. How YOU want to live. How YOU want to feel. The relationship YOU want to create with money and abundance in your life. You do not need to convince anyone else, you are free to choose and so is everyone else.



When you choose for yourself, you choose peace. And that peace begins to create a new paradigm of abundance in your life in ways that express not just through money, but in every single way.



STAY TUNED as I’ll be continuing this money myth busting next week.



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