March 19, 2023

Thank You Money

Snow over the tree branch and text: Thank You Money

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Dear money,
I try so hard to make
you good,
because deep down I still
believe you are bad,
and I don’t want to.
It is precisely the battle
I have with myself…
trying to make myself good,
while deep down still believing
I am bad,
and not wanting to be.
dear money,
blessed being,
born of the body of this earth,
just as I was…
thank you for revealing
my deep wounding.
thank you for showing me
my pain.
thank you for releasing me
from this power,
the power of this
unmet guilt and shame.
love has always been the
whether you stay or
you leave.
love will always be
the medicine,
to help our hearts heal
when they grieve.

Money is simply a reflection of our own inner battles. When we heal and resolve those battles within, a different reflection and relationship to money appears as our new reality. 💞
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