June 2, 2019

You Are So Money

You may have heard it said before somewhere, that how you do money is how you do everything. And I want to take that to the next level and say too, that how you FEEL about money right now in your life, is simply a reflection of how you feel about yourself.


It’s a symbol. A symbol onto which we unfortunately project A LOT of shit! (holy moly you guys, the shit we project onto it). It’s all tied up in our basic survival, and our feelings of safety. It’s like food or water. It’s in the realm of your most basic human needs.


And just like food, we can get money all tangled up with love and self-worth and approval and who and what we’re allowed to be, and not be. Honestly, it’s kind of a f***ing mess.


But it’s a mess like any other, in that it’s a mess that can be cleaned up. It may feel insurmountable like you will never ever in your whole life feel at peace with money… but you can, and if that is what you really want… you WILL.


It’s as simple as your commitment to it and your willingness to follow that call wheresoever it leads you. It will come to you as a trail of breadcrumbs, one little piece of the puzzle after the next.


This post is one of those breadcrumbs, and since you’re reading it, I can say with a fair amount of certainty you are already on that path to some degree.


So what IS your feeling about money? Do you feel like it’s always just out of your reach? That it ignores you? That you can’t make it stay with you? That it is too hard to earn and too easy to lose? That there is never enough of it and never will be? Or do you think money is bad and wrong in some way and just wish it didn’t exist?


Now let’s turn that around and ask you the same questions about you: In what ways do YOU ignore you? In what ways do YOU not stay with you? In what ways do you kill yourself working to earn your worthiness and then lose that worthiness so easily, in an instant, with one bad remark or event? In what ways do you feel you are never enough, and never will be? What parts of you do you think are “bad” and “wrong” in some way?


Now ask yourself those questions AGAIN, except this time ask yourself who in your life now, or in your childhood, felt exactly like that too? In other words who made you feel like you feel about money now? Unseen? Unsafe? Not enough? Bad or wrong?


This is the work. Your relationship with your money is about your relationship with yourself, and it’s a journey. That is why I’m constantly saying the work is about your WORTH and only that really at the heart of it. The rest becomes obvious and FAR far easier when you do that work first.


But the work of holding up those mirrors and really digging into that hurt and forgiveness is messy and it is deep and it is not quick-fix situation. And a lot of people just don’t want to even try because it feels easier to stay powerless, because it feels like there is HONESTLY no other option, and that it won’t work for them anyway.


But it will. And it DOES.


You can totally transform your relationship with yourself and your money will follow. So long as you work on the particular ways that money is tied up in those beliefs, and all your perceived limitations about what you can have and who you think you’re allowed to BE.


Because the truth is, darlin’… you LOVE you some money. And money loves you too! You can let it totally take care of you, and you can totally take care of it.


There IS a totally different possibility than the way that most of the world is living, but it is going to require you to surround yourself in people and things that support that new belief, because in case you haven’t noticed the feast or famine paradigm is EVERYWHERE you look!


You cannot go it alone. The mentors in my life around this subject have been invaluable, and I would never have gotten to where I am without them. If you don’t have one, get one STAT.


Find someone who talks about this stuff in a way you appreciate and connect to, and dig into whatever they’ve got. Make it part of the daily world you live in. That’s what I did, and those investments have paid me back 10 fold.


But what I want you to hear most of all right now is that NO ONE in this world is MORE deserving of abundance than you. NO ONE has anything special that you don’t. NO ONE is “worth more” than you are. You may have higher hills to climb or more steps to take, but if you stay the course and commit to your vision, the way will be revealed. Pinky promise.


What you need most is to work on owning your own worth so that you can stay with yourself on the often bumpy road to success, because when you do, your people will find you. This I know for sure.


The Urban Dictionary definition of “You’re so money” is that it is a phrase used to communicate that you are someone of tremendous value… and that is EXACTLY what you are.


The more you start seeing that and FEELIN’ that in yourself, the more your actual money is gonna feel like that too.


Your deep longing for money (the one that often feels like desperation) comes from a totally innocent place. Like food or water. Like a baby crying to be held. Your wanting is allowed, and it is GOOD. It is so good.


Follow it.



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