November 19, 2023

Choose Your Own Adventure

Choose Your Own Adventure

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Good morning sweet peas, so today I would like to present to you two options, and a hybrid option, for reality/dream/life creation. My hope is this creates clarity on both the methods that are available and/or helps you identify which method is the one you tend to use, or use the most, or which you would like to use instead.
Kind of like a choose your own adventure.
Everyone has a different style! And that’s okay.  Finding your own style and working from there is what is going to be most effective for you. So here they are:
  1. Shoot For The Moon Style: 

    this one is for those of you who love big stretches and big wins. Which sounds inspiring, and feels inspiring too! It has ‘busting through the tape at the end of a race’  vibes, it has Oscar speech vibes, that’s the ‘flavor’ of this style of reality creation. This style usually also comes with all the drama it requires to feel that high drama end too, however. This is not bad, it is just something to be more aware of. It’s not that it HAS to be either, that can change, it’s just that your mind expects it to be, because nobody just strolled through the tape smoking a stogie and was like “cool, I won, yippee.” They might but it wouldn’t be that fun or exciting. So there is an actual requirement for the struggle to feel that big winning feeling on some level. Again it’s not that it HAS to be that way, but your logical brain expects that, and you won’t be able to just flip that like a switch. So… 

    Questions to ask yourself if you are this style of reality creator: 

    do I want that much drama in my life? Am I willing to own that it will be more of an uphill climb for me (internally or externally) if I am shooting for really big things? Do I enjoy this level of intensity? Or would I prefer something more mellow? Do I have the burning passion for this thing that this path would require of me? Because you will definitely NEED a burning passion to sustain this one, otherwise you’ll quickly give up. 

  2. Logical & Practical, Sequential Small Steps Style:

    this one is for those of you who like things to make logical and practical sense and don’t want a lot of drama/struggle/stretching mentally, physically, financially or otherwise. It has ‘cool and collected, I’ll get there in due time’ vibes. It has ‘start where you are and work your way up’ vibes. It is less ‘exciting’ because there is less inherent risk. But with that less risk comes more feelings of safety which translates to more feelings of ease and a smoother transition, sans the drama. It works from where you are with what you have and moves from there. With this style when you reach your chosen destination/aim/goal/dream it’s more like “yah of course”, it’s normal, sometimes you might not even NOTICE you crossed the finish line it’s that normal until afterwards and then you’re like “oh yah I guess I crossed that finish line back in October.” lol  So it is NOT a “big win” “high intensity drama” kind of vibe to be sure, which has major benefits like being able to be more chill and not have to face big shadow/self-judgements so much, like “crazy” or “delusional” or all the other ones that can come up when you’re shooting for the moon.

    Questions to ask yourself if you are this style of reality creator: 

    do I want this much chill in my life? Or do I want or need a little more spice/risk to make me feel more alive? Am I feeling good with the slow and steady, like I’m moving in my chosen direction? Or am I feeling a bit trapped, bored or uninspired? Am I feeling a bit pent-up and limited by the logical and practical?  Or does it still feel more supportive and full of ease to me? 

  3. Hybrid Style:

    This one is, obviously, a combination of the two. A mix of both the shoot for the moon and the more logical and practical sequential small steps. There are multiple ‘ways’ that can look however, and there are multiple “mixes” that could look like. Like it doesn’t automatically mean 50/50 mix, it could be a 70/30 mix, or a 80/20 mix, or a 50/60 mix, and you get to be your own mixologist! 

    I have discovered that I am definitely a hybrid style, I thought that that’s what made me so successful, that mix, because I both shoot for the moon and love big wins AND also am very action oriented to doing the things I feel called and know to do to get me there, working with my mind and it’s current logical beliefs along the way. But always questioning them and expanding them all the time. HOWEVER, that isn’t true that that’s what made me successful, what makes us successful is what WE BELIEVE MAKES US SUCCESSFUL. Not what we WANT to believe, but what we actually believe, based on our own unique make up as individuals with our own unique background of experience. You can see this when you look at the world very clearly, people do not arrive to their dreams in the same ways, they arrive to them in wildly different ways. And that’s because they hold different beliefs, preferences and expectations about themselves and about the world. 

    I have played around a LOT with my “mix”, from a much higher percentage logical and practical vs. shoot for the moon, to a MUCH higher shoot for the moon than logical and practical 😂 , and none of them were “wrong” – there are some people who are pure shoot for the moon and they are made to be that way! They are made for the big stretches that requires, they are made super resilient for the crashes that sometimes happen in that mode, and they enjoy it. And vice versa, some people are made for the one step at a time, right here right now, way of being, and they do incredible things with that way of being, some really ‘shoot for the moon’ type stuff, but with no big drama required! So it’s really about finding out what YOUR style really is, and not judging yourself for that style. 

    Questions to ask yourself if you are a hybrid reality creator: 

    What is my personal mix? Am I a higher percentage shoot for the moon, or a higher percentage logical/practical/chill? What are those percentages? This is not a static number it will probably be changing and shifting throughout your life, but it can be  helpful to see where you’re at now. Once you see what you think it is, ask yourself if you want to change it up, if you want to increase one side or the other? As a way to infuse certain feelings – upping your shoot for the moon may infuse feelings of inspiration and excitement if you’re feeling a bit lackluster, or upping your logical/practical/chill may infuse feelings of stability and safety if that is what you feel you need the most. Follow what feels good.
I would say I am probably currently a 70/30 (70 shoot for the moon, 30 logical & practical). I’ve been as high as a 90/10 in that direction, and as low as a 55/45, but I’ve never been higher on the logical practical side than on the shoot for the moon side. I was born to be a star in some way and part of me has always known it. It’s why I sob at acceptance speeches and stuff, some part of me knows I’m here to be seen and to do big things.
As much as I’ve fought that, in as many ways as I have fought that and not been ready for it, I also deeply desired it. The missing piece all that time was simply that I needed to know that I GET TO DETERMINE “HOW” and “WHEN” and “FOR HOW MUCH” that I am seen. I get to make that seen-ness on my own terms. In my own way. That feels comfortable for me. And I get to determine how big those “big” things are to me, to some my big things will be small, and to others my big things will be huge, but they are just right for me. Before I knew that (which is a gift of the logical/practical side) it was too scary to even step into, because there was a lot I did NOT want about that and I did not yet know I could just decide what I was letting in and what I wasn’t, what I would allow and what I wouldn’t. Now that I know I can do that I feel safer and so, I step out more. 🥰
This sounds really arrogant, but there is part of you who knows that you are so valuable you will be positively swallowed up by people hungry for what you’ve got when you really let yourself be seen as yourself (this part is often buried over by the part of you who doesn’t know or believe that – that part comes from your conditioning), so making sure you know you get to determine your own “who, when, where, how much, on what terms” is vital. And P.S. did you know that the word arrogant stems from the latin verb arrogare which means “claiming for oneself”. When I look at that as an ‘inner’ term vs. an outer term I see that the claiming of feelings, experiences, identities, etc. within oneself is a bold act indeed, an act of stepping into your own power, and yes it can also be seen as arrogant by some.
There are a lot of ways people can see us, and there are a lot of ways they will. What is most important is how we see ourselves, as that is what we EXPERIENCE in our reality. We experience how we see ourselves.
Okay, went off on a tangent there, but it’s all related. 😂 Feel free to share with me your reality creation type or your mix once you find it, and have fun choosing your adventure ahead!
And if you’d like some help with that, you know where to find me »  

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