June 11, 2023

No Rush

White flower in the tea cup with text "Take your Time" (on the cup) and image text is: No Rush

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Today before we get into the article I invite you to lay one hand on the top of your head, and one hand across your forehead, palm facing your forehead.
Hold this and take that trinity breath I introduced you to a couple of weeks ago, which is 3 deep slow breaths, breathing all the way down to your root or lower belly on each breath, and letting out long slow exhales.
This will help ground and align you in the present moment, so you can fully receive the shift I’m offering you below. Take your time, once you feel more spaciousness, read on below:
The image in this article says no rush, and it is over a teacup filled with tiny white flowers that says ‘take your time’ written on the cup…
How do you react when you believe there is not enough time?
What happens when you rush yourself to the finish line (which you will then only extend out to a new finish line)?
Perhaps it’s stress. A feeling of overwhelm. Perhaps you notice that you snap at people and are impatient with people and your loved ones, and of course you are, because you’re being impatient with yourself! If you don’t think you deserve patience you will probably struggle to extend it, at least to the people closest to you (because we tend to perform and be more patient with others we want to make an impression on).
Do you believe it is possible to accomplish all that you wish to accomplish with peace in your heart and with ease?  Do you believe that difficult things can be easier?
Do you even want them to be?
You might say “Of course I do!? Don’t be ridiculous!”
But what would it MEAN ABOUT YOU if things felt easy? 
Really look at that.
When I really, REALLY looked at that, I found that I the meaning I had internalized and assigned to that is that it would mean that I don’t care, and that I am not a good person, and I really really really value myself for caring and being a good person. So I was absolutely not willing to part with that as long as I had that meaning assigned.
I did not want to be one of those out of touch a-holes who thinks or feels or experiences life being easy!? I was taught to despise those a-holes. 😂 😆
So what did I do? I asked myself what I needed from myself in order to let things be and feel more easy.  So I tried to work with myself instead of bowl over my mind and its concerns. And one of the things my mind said was “I need you to not be an a-hole!”  Okay! I said. I can do that. I care about that too, and I always want to be mindful not everyone is in the same place or having the same experience I am, WHILE still letting myself have my own experience too, and have a DIFFERENT experience from that.
And then my mind said, “what about being out of touch!” (with suffering) and I said, I love you mind, but the hard facts are:
I AM going to be out of touch with others peoples experiences and suffering, there is no way I can be in touch with their experiences exactly unless I am LIVING their exact life. But what I CAN do is notice, be aware of, and do whatever I can to make things better in the world in whatever ways that feel right to me from where I am.
It would not only be foolish, but arrogant of me to try to put myself into suffering to help the suffering. I had a lot of people suffering with me when I was suffering, and it was the ones who offered me hope that things could be different that changed my life for the better. So, mind, can we agree that if I start with peace, and I start with patience in me, I will create more peace and ease from there in the world? And my mind said, “okay, fine. I’ll let you try it.” And we have had some phenomenal results from that agreement! Where I get to live the life experience I want to have, and make the changes I’d love to make, and still have the identity that’s important to me of being someone who cares.
So what do YOU need from yourself to give yourself time and ease? What is your mind making it mean about you that things are difficult? When things are difficult does it mean that you care? That you’re a better person? That you’re one of the good ones cause you’re in it with “the people”?
Find out what that meaning is and see if you can find some evidence to the opposite. Not so you can prove it wrong, but just so you bring some balance and neutrality to the viewpoint.
What I found is that when I am not being impatient with myself I am more patient with others too, when I am peaceful toward myself I afford others more peace and grace as well, when I am not overwhelmed I think more clearly and I do more powerful work, and I’m more available to do things that might help, when I’m not rushing myself I’m not rushing others. All of these things actually help me be more of what my mind wanted me to be! Not an a-hole. 😂🤣 
So have a look. See what you find.
Have fun with it, work WITH yourself, work WITH your frightened mind, it’s not the enemy, I used to think it was, but it’s not, you just need to understand it more, and help it understand the rest of you more, and help it get on board with you. 
It’s just trying to do the things that will help keep you safe and good in this world, because it’s conditioned by the rules of society whether they’re right, wrong, good or bad, it’s just trying to follow the rules it knows to keep you safe, but if you work with it, instead of dismiss it, or ignore it, you can create new results when it’s back on your team and not working against you.
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See you there. 🤗 Much love sweet pea’s,