December 4, 2022

Receiving Can Feel Natural

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I want you to ask yourself a question today and write it down so you can explore it fully and see what your beautiful wise self might already know about this, that you didn’t know you knew. 😉  And that question is…
What would it take for receiving money, gifts or support to feel totally natural to me?
Close your eyes and feel into that and write down what comes up.
I am asking you this today, because I see a lot of ‘you need to be in a super high vibe and celebrate everything’ stuff out in the field and I want to bust this myth for anyone who doesn’t resonate with it. You CAN celebrate everything of course, and if it feels good, keep doing it!
But you do not HAVE to be ‘high vibe’ to call into your life what you want to experience, you just have to be in agreement with yourself. That’s it. The majority of you has to be on board with it. 
There are many things I have not successfully been able to create in my life and when I get honest with myself, even though I THOUGHT I was all on board, I know that the reason I was not able to create that yet is that there is still major conflict in me about that thing. Not all of me is on board with it for various reasons that become more and more apparent to me over time.
But once MOST of me is in agreement and on board and comfortable with it, it pops right into my life.
For me, the things that manifest most beautifully and with ease are things that feel, or that I have acclimated myself to feel, are natural to me.
Meaning, I don’t make myself do a celebratory dance of gratitude every time I pour a glass of water, because having water feels natural to me. That doesn’t mean I am not extremely grateful for the flow of that blessing in my life, I am! But if I had to do dance around for every cup of water, that would feel like performing to me, not receiving.
So doing the same for incoming money or gifts or clients doesn’t resonate with my system.  It’s too close to high highs and low lows energy to me, and my aim is to stabilize and grow my wealth and prosperity with ease in my heart and soul.
To someone else’s system it might feel totally natural to dance it out, but to mine it doesn’t. To mine it feels similar to my whole life of receiving gifts and feeling like I had to immediately jump into performing enormous displays of thanks, and thinking about how I am going to make it worth that persons while. And that doesn’t feel like receiving either. It feels like the energy of earning.
But that is the dance we do when we don’t feel worthy and don’t expect goodness and abundance as much as we expect the next breath.
Gratitude is a shift of awareness, and it is important to be SURE! It is absolutely powerful and ESSENTIAL. But when it morphs into an exhaustive dance you have to perform, it is not gratitude anymore, it’s control. 
So what would it take? What would need to happen in order for you to receive as easily as you receive breath?
Receiving is supposed to be the opening of a space within you, a space wherein a NATURAL gratitude and joy will bubble up from your depths, it’s a feeling that envelopes and overcomes you.
You can cultivate and create gratitude, yes, but if it FEELS manufactured when you do create it, and not authentic, it’s because you didn’t open the space, you just tried to fill it up (which is just more outward energetic motion of trying to give).
I had an AHA moment about this while watching a Christmas movie the other night wherein the parents sat their kids down to tell them they were going to “focus on gratitude this year” (because the parents had run out of money and could not get them what they wanted) and my AHA was that if you grew up without a lot of money, you probably learned subconsciously that “let’s be grateful” was CODE for: you’re not going to get what you want.
And also code for: you’re lucky you have anything at all.  Which the child will likely experience and internalize as guilt and shame around receiving. Not as a feeling of genuine gratitude. They would simply learn to PERFORM gratitude from then on, or ‘get in trouble’. 
Genuine gratitude, in my experience, bubbles up all on its own when space is created for it. Genuine gratitude to me is like a divine wind, it kicks up sometimes out of nowhere, you didn’t create it, you didn’t control it, it just blew in as soon as there was enough space for it to do so.
Cultivating and growing gratitude is a powerful practice, and I highly recommend that too (as you all know)…but if you have a program running in you that says you need to manufacture gratitude to earn your good (from the universe or god or whatever it is you believe), that is experienced in your body as stress.
And stress is not conducive to genuine gratitude.
So how do you make more space for genuine gratitude? And how do you open up the energy of natural feeling receiving?
Ask yourself. Ask what I asked above: what would need to change or what would need to happen in order for you to receive as easily as you receive breath? The answer is in the difference between receiving air and receiving money or gifts or whatever else you’re being given:
1. You don’t believe you need to ‘earn’ air by being good or by effort-ing.


2. You do not have any guilt or shame about receiving air because you assume there’s enough for everyone, no need to fight over it, or prove yourself for it.


3. You do not believe that when you breathe someone else doesn’t get to. You absolutely 100% trust that air is all around you and will be there for you always.


4. You do not believe you need to be, or even could be “worthy” of air. It’s just a given. It’s normal. It’s natural. It’s part of the gift of life.


5. It’s expected to the point of not even worrying about it or having to think about it, even though you do sometimes notice you are breathing and think about it, especially when you are doing extraneous things and expending more breath, but you are not REQUIRED to notice it or do anything in order to be okay and keep receiving air, and you know you’re never going to ‘run out’ of air.
What I see when I look at the above, is basically that what needs to happen to make receiving easier and more natural is to NORMALIZE it by changing the way we think about it. By taking money/gifts/support and other forms of abundance out of the ‘reward/punishment’ model you’ve been taught those things live in, and the ‘deserving’ model that you’ve been taught those things live in too.
I am going to be doing a workshop on relaxing into receiving soon, to help you do exactly that. I’ll be sending the information out on that sometime soon. So watch this space.
In the meantime I hope this has sparked some insights and set you on your path to making abundance an everyday thing.
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