October 8, 2023

Why Do Some Things Work For Others But Not You?

A girl walks on a gloomy day past an orange lighthouse, and text over the image: Why Do Some Things Work For Others But Not You?

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If you have have ever wondered WHY is it that some strategies and tactics and formulas and ways of doing things work so well for some people and not for others?
Why do so many different things work for so many different people in totally different ways??
You might think it’s because: people are different. And yes, that’s true, but specifically what I am here to share is that why so many different things work for so many different people in totally ways is because what works…
There is not one way things work. There are hundreds, thousands, millions of ways that things work. And the way things work for you, is how you believe things work.
When people believe that a certain strategy or tactic will work for them, a lot of times it will work! Because they believe it will. They have strong belief that that will work for them. 
Whereas another person wants to believe it will work for them, but they don’t really believe it will work for them, they believe more of what they’ve seen, which is things not working, or that particular thing not working for them, or for “people like them”, which means the family or group identity they feel they currently belong to.
I had this myself for a long time, trying to do what worked for other people because it seemed to work for them, so why wouldn’t it work for me? But the problem was I didn’t believe it would work for me, or for “people like me” (the family/group identity I belonged to).
If you feel this way, there’s a few different things you can try:
1). Ask yourself what do I believe works?? For whatever it is that I’m trying to create or do? What is it that I am telling myself or have believed is what works? Investigate what you believe works.
2). Ask yourself if you’re sure about that? Ask yourself if that’s really true? Ask yourself if maybe something else could be possible that you could also believe?
3). Ask yourself what’s something nearer to believable for you that could work for you? That feels more believable to you at least. Or that you’d have fun trying? or be willing to try? Or feels easy enough to just try?
4). Or, lastly, and this my personal favorite, you can just stubbornly decide that what you want to work for you, and how you want it to work, is GOING TO WORK. lol 😂 For NO other reason than that you have decided it’s going to. 😆 😂 In other words you are going to CREATE that result because you are COMMITTED and COMMITTING to that belief, knowing full well that it’s not “the right way”, or the “right belief”, it’s just the right way for you, and you’re going to do it.
That last one is how I’ve created the absolutely incredible free and beautiful life I am living now.
Most mornings I still cannot believe I have created such a gorgeous life that I love THIS much and that I am this free to do the things I love every single day. It just blows me away, still, and always 🥹 😭 ❤️ 
And I am so grateful to myself for my decision to follow my own true north and to believe that that will work for me, even when I didn’t see the evidence at first. I stuck with myself. I stuck with what felt right to me. I changed it up along the way, but I always went with my own true north, instead of following other people’s preferences and decisions and living a life that’s not my own.
My guess is if you’re here you’re someone who is also committed to living your own life, your own way, and to feeling the expansion and possibilities of your own freedom to create your version of your most precious lifetime, and I am celebrating that for you and cheering you on every step of the way! I know it’s possible for you. (If you believe it is 😉. See what I did there?  😂 😉 ✨
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See you next week!