October 1, 2023

Welcome In The World

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My energy work teacher, Prune Harris, shares a saying with her followers that her dad used to say, which is:  “you are as welcome in the world as the flowers.” 
I believe it is from a song is where he got it, but I just love this line and I come back to it often, and it came up for me today as I was working something out with myself in my journal this morning after a dream woke me up in the night with CRYSTAL CLARITY about something that I hadn’t fully seen before.
I’ve always had a bit of a loner identity going on, and I think that’s semi-common for artists and creative types (no matter what your craft or medium is), and I am DEFINITELY an introvert (as most of you all well know by now lol 😂), I absolutely cherish my alone time for self-reflection, introspection and creativity…
but that LONER thing, that’s different than introversion.
And I knew that was a major block to this next level of success with my work I am stepping into. Not because I need to be out and about and doing all the things – cause that’s not my life! 😂 That’s not MY version of my most beautiful and creatively flourishing life (in all the ways)…
But because that loner identity was taken on with all the tropes that come with it: the loner is the misunderstood, overlooked, unappreciated, unseen and unheard one who nobody gets, and thus leads a very talented but totally solitary, quiet, sad life. That character in so many books and movies it’s almost comical, really.  And that character lives in me. 😬😣 
It’s the opposite of feeling welcome in the world. It’s the outcast. The one who doesn’t belong or fit in. And I woke up out of a dream and sat up and realized “OHHHHH, I get it. I see what’s happening here.”
“Nobody gets it” felt like my limitation, but it was actually something I was HANGING ONTO FOR DEAR LIFE.  Because we don’t hang onto unhelpful or sad identities unless we are getting an important need met through them, and I realized in that moment that what that loner identity had given me was:
1) the feeling that I ‘belonged’ to a group of other outcasted feeling people. 
2) the feeling that I was unique and special (because if everybody gets you you’re just a sheep or something right?)
3) this ‘I don’t fit in like other people’ was its own kind of superiority  (😣 cringey but true!)  It’s a game of better or worse comparisonitis that the mind likes to play.
and lastly but probably MOST importantly:
4) when I was a loner as a little girl and as an adult, that is the time when I would get to connect with **MYSELF**, and I really really needed to connect with myself! But I couldn’t give myself the space to do that then. When people didn’t ‘get me’ or shut me down somehow I at least got to come back to connecting with me, and how I felt, and what I thought instead of taking care of how THEY felt and what THEY thought like I did the rest of my life. I didn’t know how to keep my connection with MYSELF when I was with other people yet, because it was my job was to make other people happy with me, not make myself happy with me… 
and when I was alone all that pressure was off.  🤯
The reason I am sharing this with you is because we have these huge benefits from these identities that we THINK we don’t want or want to get rid of, these identities that we know are in the way of our dreams, but we can’t shake them, because part of us does NOT WANT TO SHAKE THEM!
Part of us needs that like air.
But there’s a simple solution!
Once I saw this, I knew that all I had to do was find a NEW WAY to meet those SAME NEEDS, so that I don’t have to get those needs met through this loner archetype anymore.
I told that part of myself:
  1. “You still get to have all the alone time and introversion time to connect with yourself that you need. that is non-negotiable and I will make sure that I build it in and protect it like our life depends on it (cause it does).” 
  2. “Look, you are unique and special always, like the flowers! A flower doesn’t need to be off on its own, overlooked or under appreciated to be utterly unique and special, it just IS. Every one of the are! Some observers will notice it, some won’t, but that doesn’t take away or give specialness to the flower, or uniqueness! It is one of a kind beautiful, no matter what, and no matter if someone fully see’s that or does not. So that’s not going away, even when you feel like you fully belong in this field of other flowers and are surrounded in people who “get it” and “get you” 
  3. “I know you love bettering of things, it’s part of your nature and we fought it for a long time, but we don’t need to get rid of that we just need to channel it where it feels GOOD and peaceful to you instead of draining or toxic. So how about if you just get that ‘better’ feeling from knowing and consciously creating that things just get better and better for YOU (and stay out of other peoples business and comparison games – can we do that dear mind?)” (mind agreed). 😂  
  4. You will ALWAYS belong with ME (and life/god/love/universe/source). I love you and I’m with you and you always have a home here, and as you feel THIS belonging, this belonging with your own self and who you are NOW, it will mirror out in your reality more and more. You know this, sweet pea. That’s how this works. 😉 “  (again, mind tentatively agreed 😂)
And guess what happened after I worked this all out with me?  And DECIDED that I belong, and am as welcome in the world as the flowers??
Yep…  a river of new likes, loves, engagement, kind words, and sales of my work. Just like that. Because when I shift, my world shifts. Every time.
When it’s not shifting it’s because there’s something I haven’t quite seen yet, some resistance I haven’t been ready to let go of yet, and I honor that timing and give myself compassion and love at every step (even when I don’t fully feel it), because more bullying and pushing myself around to earn or prove my worth is NOT what I need more of in this world, and it’s not what you need more of either. ❤️ 💗 💕
And if you want some help with that, I’ve got a quick overview of my library of work below, read on and see what feels like a “YES, that!” to your heart and soul, and dive on in anytime! 🤗💕
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